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Wilder Broken Hand and Finger After Tyson Fury KO


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Deontay Wilder hospitalized after losing by knockout Tyson’s Fury, Sunday (10/10). Wilder broke his arm and finger after being beaten a second time by Fury.

Wilder lost by knockout to Fury in the 11th round of the WBC heavyweight world title fight, held in Las Vegas, United States on Sunday (10/10). This was Wilder’s second loss to Fury in the heavyweight boxing trilogy.

Not only did he lose by knockout and could not reclaim the world title from Fury, Wilder was also hospitalized. Wilder’s coach, Malik Scott, said the US boxer was seriously injured despite being stable.

“Wilder’s doing well. He’s in the room, I took him to the infirmary. After the fight he saw the doctor, he’s fine. He’s fine. He’s got a cracked lip, a broken hand, a broken finger or a knuckle. But life goes on. [untuk Wilder]“Scott told ESNews: Daily Subway.

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After being defeated by Fury, Wilder immediately left the ring. Wilder does not respond to Fury’s kind words and friend requests. This led Fury to refer to Wilder as a ‘sick loser’.

“Wilder sees Fury as a man who has serious issues with how Wilder feels about the accusations. [curang]Scott explained why Wilder left Fury after the duel.

Scott didn’t have time to congratulate Fury and his coach, the Sugar Hill Steward. Scott sees Sugar Hill as a good coach.

“After the fight, Wilder felt the same way,” Scott said. “When I left the ring and followed him, I planned to shake hands with my opponent just to say ‘Good fight,'” Scott said.

“When I say opponent, I don’t just mean Tyson Fury, I mean Sugar Hill, with whom I’ve always had a great relationship. He’s a great coach and I said even before the game he’s a really good guy.” said Scott.

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