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When IHSG Is Nonsense, These Are 10 Stock Orgies! I have an LQ-45

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG) finally closed in the red zone in Monday’s transactions (25/1/21) with the extension of the Public Activity Restriction (PPKM) from the Central government until 8 February 2021.

The benchmark index for the national stock market fell 0.77% to 6,258.57 after falling 2.5% in early trading.

Although IDX data closed at low levels, foreign investors were active in net purchases of Rp 172.52 billion in all markets (normal market Rp.169.92 billion), transaction values ​​to Rp 16.09 trillion and transaction volume 16.68 reached billion shares.

It was seen that 123 shares gained value, 383 shares decreased, and the remaining 128 shares were stagnant. JCI, II. It had to reach its deepest level of 6.148 before finally cutting its fall in the session.

10 stocks listed amid yesterday’s drop in JCI gain high.

Monday’s Top 10 Stock Increase (25/1)

1. Erajaya Swasembada (ERAA), share + 14.63% Rp. 2.820, Rp 181 billion transactions

2. Bank Jatim (BJTM), + 9.80% IDR 840, transaction IDR 174 billion

3.Cahayaputra Ceramics (CAKK), + 9.38% IDR 70, transaction IDR 8 billion

4.Family Partners (MIKA), 6.85% IDR 2.650, transaction IDR 113 Billion

5.Tjiwi Kimia Paper Mill (TKIM), + 6.59%, transaction IDR 113 billion

6.Campina Ice (CAMP), + 5.10% IDR 330, IDR 101 billion transactions

7. Japfa (JPFA), + 4.52% Rp. 1,620, Rp. 119 billion transactions

8. Indah Kiat Pulp (INKP), + 3.08% IDR 13,400, transaction IDR 240 Billion

9th Bank Jabar Banten (BJBR), + 2.76% Rp. 1.675, Rp. 82 billion transactions

10. Putra Rajawali (PURA), + 2.40% IDR 128, transaction IDR 121 Billion

Five of the above list of stocks are included in the LQ45 list, an index that includes 45 leading stocks with a good and most liquid basis. Four of them are ERAA, MIKA, TKIM, JPFA and INKP.

For ERAA, its cumulative share rose 12.80% last week with a market capitalization of IDR 9 trillion and 39% a month.

Within a week, MIKA’s shares rose 0.76% and minus 4.33% with a market capitalization of IDR 38 trillion.

TKIM’s shares have a market value of Rp 43 trillion, and in one week its shares rose 8.27% and in one month increased 42%. Meanwhile, the brothers’ shares rose by 7.20% per week and 32% per month, with a market value of 73 trillion IDR in Sinarmas Group, INKP.

Meanwhile, JPFA has a market value of Rp 19 trillion with a weekly increase of 5.5% and a monthly increase of only 3.51%.

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