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When Burnt Block In Tangerang Prison Is Protected By Only 1 Officer Page

TANGERANG, – In the early morning hours of Wednesday (8/9/2021), it was a very tense night for hundreds of inmates in Class I prison in Tangerang.

This is because the fire engulfed the prison building, exactly the block C2, where the inmates (detainees) live for drug cases.

The locked room conditions kept the prisoners locked up, and they could only surrender when the red rooster began to lick their bodies. At least 44 prisoners lost their lives in the unfortunate incident.

The Warden of Tangerang Class I Prison, Victor Teguh Prihartono, explained that there was only one guard in block C2, which was burning at the time.

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The block area is in the form of a mansion with 19 rooms and a hall. Two to five prisoners stay in each room. There are a total of 122 prisoners in the block.

“An officer was guarding block C2 that night. While most of the prisoners are in the hall,” Victor said.

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The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical short circuit.

Police are investigating whether there was an element of negligence in the fire.

“This is what we have done in depth, Articles 187 and 188 of the Penal Code and Article 359 of the Penal Code on negligence. Is there an element of intent or negligence in (Article) 359?” Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus, Head of Public Relations at Polda Metro Jaya, said on Thursday.

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Yusri said he is currently listening to 22 witnesses about the fire incident.

Witnesses consisted of prison guards, the few surviving inmates, and their escorts in the burning room block.

Kombes Tubagus Adi Hidayat, Director of Criminal Investigation General of Metro Jaya Police, previously said his party had concluded that the fire started from a single point.

Conclusions are drawn based on the crime scene (TKP) conducted by the police.

“Then it was concluded from TKP that there was only one hotspot, the hotspot came out of one,” Tubagus told the media team on Wednesday.

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The fire then hit the roof behind an attic. Since the ceiling is made of plywood, the fire spreads quickly.

Tubagus suspected that the hotspots were caused by an electrical short or short circuit. Therefore, his party collected several lines of cables, power tools and electrical wiring.

All evidence will be reviewed by the National Police Forensic Laboratory Center (Puslabfor).

“Further examination of the results of the collected items will be analyzed in the Forensic Laboratory,” he said.

(Author: Muhammad Naufal/ Editor: Sandro Gatra)

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