Friday , July 30 2021

Whatsapp Tags Use Your Own Photos, Here's How, SOLO – Whatsapp users can finally use cute stickers to chat. Not only can they benefit from what is provided, but they can also be creative by making personalized labels as they wish.

The "hidden" feature in the latest version of Whatsapp allows users to use third-party applications to create Whatsapp stickers and to share them with your friends in groups or in private conversations.

Are you interested in trying this? Here you can create a personal collection and a collection in your collection list in the list of friends in the list of friends in Whatsapp. Use Google search to download Whatsapp 2.18.340 beta in the APK form.

After successfully downloading and installing the intended Whatsapp beta application, you need at least two third-party applications to make a personal extraction. The two applications you can use are Picsart image processing app and Personal Stickers for WhatsApp.

You can also download both apps individually from the Google Play Store or click Personal Stickers & Pictures for WhatsApp. Once the installation is complete, you can start making stikers.

Open the Picsart application that is installed on your mobile phone, but remember sign in, it can be with Facebook and Google accounts to enter the application.

Once the application has been opened, press (+) on the app to create a new decal.

Here you can select images to be used as a decal. scanning All Photos & # 39; a photo in your album.

Select the photo you like and target the contact in the photo you want to remove, then remove the photo background using the "Cut" feature in Picsart.

Press one's silhouette image to eliminate fund automatically press the button next to or to eliminate fund manually with your finger and press Save.

You can then add text by pressing the Text feature to create a message that you later send with your personal label. To make the text appear more clearly, you can add other colors to the font by pressing Stoke.

If so, press the next sign (->) in the upper right corner of the screen to continue and select "Save as tag" to save the hashtags name your new sticker collection and save it to Gallery.

You must make at least three stickers to put your tags into Whatsapp. So, make and take at least three stickers in the above steps hashtags same.

After that, open the Personal label for the Whatsapp app and you will see a list of the stickers you have created yourself. hashtags same. Then, if you are asked to add it to Whatsapp, please press the button.

To see if your stickers enter the decal list in Whatsapp, you can open one of the contacts to start a conversation and press the eject button, then select the correct button between the decal types on the Whatsapp.

If you have already made labels, it means that you have prepared a personal sticker for Whatsapp and that you are ready to use it or share it with your friends or groups.

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