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Tomorrow, Mercury Sun Will Pass.

CALIFORNIA, – Mercury will provide an interesting sky view next week. This twilight star will surpass the Sun on November 11, 2019.

An event called the transition occurs when a planet passes between the Earth and its stars. In the solar system, people only see the transitions of Venus and Mercury because they are the only planet between Earth and the Sun.

The transition in the near future is Mercury on November 11, 2019. The inhabitants of the world will never see Mercury's passage back to 2032.

Mercury only transitions around 13 percent. The last transition, in 2016, NASA satellites, this small planet was recorded on a burning disk of the Sun was recorded.

The Mercury Transit on November 11th will last 5.5 hours. The transition will begin at 7.35 EST shortly after the sun rises on the East Coast of the United States.

The inhabitants there will be able to monitor the entire transition, as is the case in Central and South America and in some parts of West Africa.

The rest of the United States will see the passage of Mercury at sunrise. Meanwhile, Europe, Africa and the Middle East will capture it at sunset. Then how about Indonesia?

(Photo: NASA / JPL)

According to the maps provided by NASA, Business Insider, Sunday, 11/10/2019 Most of Australia and Asia will not see this rare Mercury transition. But don't be discouraged first.

For those who want to see rare events, you can broadcast live from the Solar Dynamic Observatory, a spaceship carrying the Sun's Orbit. The Virtual Telescope Project also promises live broadcast from the telex based on the Earth.

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