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Titi Kamal is happy to sing again


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Singing is not something foreign to Titi Kamal. She sang her song with Anji without whistling. He also sang Jablay songs for the Sudden film Dangdut.

Recently, TIS Kamal was involved in singing for the soundtrack according to the TBS Films production application. The film is a new comedy that takes the story of online motorcycle taxis.

The name of the song is Rindu Semalam. The song was also the main theme of the film with Komika Ernest Prakasa. Titi's role is here as a dangdut diva called Sofiyah.

Titi Kamal said he was happy to go back to the song world.

I'm really happy to be able to sing for this movie. I'm singing dangdut for a long time and this song is very convenient with the character and character of Sofiyah who lost I lost overnight, "said Titi Kamal in the statement.

This Miss Overnight song was created by Yogi RPH, none other than the outstanding songwriter Long Syantik.

Rindu Semalam songs and video clips will be broadcasted simultaneously on November 8, 2018 at the homeland radio and Nagaswara Official Video Youtube channel.

According to the application Movie itself tells the story of the friendship of two Pras motorcycle taxi drivers (Valentino Peter) and Duras (Lolox). Both have their own struggles to meet their daily needs.

Pras, a man who really loves his family, had to work hard to fund his mother's heart surgery. Well, it seems to make your life more complicated.

As her photo is viral, her boyfriend Alia (Kamasean) is very jealous. Meanwhile, Duras is a responsible brother.

To fulfill his father's will, his younger brother is willing to do everything to finance his education.

One day, Sakti (Ernest Prakasa) was a successful thief who imitated a coffee shop owner named Nasgitel (Panas Legi Kentel) who lost his stolen property.

Apparently, the diamond that he stole from Ci Asiu (Dayu Wijanto) was kidnapped by the Dangdut diva Sofiyah (Titi Kamal) as a mercenary.

In a desperate quest to get the diamond back, Sakti finally forced Prassiyah to retrieve it from Sofiyah's home.

What should they do when economic needs are discussed? Curious? Watch movies on December 6, 2018 according to the cinemas.(*)

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