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These six symptoms of breast cancer are experienced by many women, number 4 being the most common.

breast cancer illustration

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breast cancer illustration Breast cancer is still a concern in the healthcare world.

This deadly case is enough to haunt most women in the world.

But cancer cells that attack breast tissue can actually cause death.

Quote from (20/7/2021), the early stage of breast cancer usually does not show any signs and symptoms.

The most common sign and symptom is a lump or thickening in the breast.

Often this is followed by other symptoms, from sunken skin to bloody nipples.

Cancer-infected breast skin may thicken and the pores will protrude.

Due to the rough surface, the case looks like an orange peel.

However, this condition is often a sign of advanced breast cancer.

The Pocket Book of Nursing Oncology (2005) by Shirlet E. Otto fully describes the clinical picture of breast cancer.

Here are some points about breast cancer symptoms according to the book:

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