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The reason Amanda Manopo’s mother is not participating in her son’s marriage this year to Billy Çevirputra


In soap operas, Amanda Manopo is often mentioned as a romantic partner with Arya Saloka. However, in real life, Amanda Manopo is also prayed by her fans that she can marry Billy Çevirputra.

Yes, some of Amanda Manopo’s fans participate in and support her relationship with the late OlgaALEputra’s sister. But what about Amanda Manopo’s own mother?

While attending a talk show, Speed ​​up on TVAmanda Manopo’s mother, Henny Manopo Lugue, has been invited to guest star. At that time Amanda’s sister, Felicia Angelica, Manopo arrived with Lugue.

In one session, Amanda Manopo and Angel’s mothers were asked to answer each other’s questions honestly. Angel then sought her mother’s approval regarding the relationship between Amanda Manopo and Billy Çevirputra.

Honestly mom, if you are married to Manda Billy, do you really agree or not? And if you accept what is the reason? “Angelica asked Manopo YouTube Trans TV.

Feni Rose then replied whether Amanda Manopo and Billy Çevirputra were approved if they were married this year. Upon hearing Feni Rose’s question, Henny apparently had the answer already.

Amanda Manopo’s mother will not allow her son to marry Billy Çevirputra this year. This is because the marriage involves the family and the process is not easy.

Amanda Manopo’s mother said, “If you get married this year, don’t. Because Mandanya is busy. Marriage is family.”

Meanwhile, Henny did not answer Angel’s question about Amanda Manopo’s blessing of her relationship with Billy Çevirputra.

Even though they both have different religions, their fans still support their relationship to continue. Amanda even a while ago respected her lover’s faith. Read more on the next page.

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