Sunday , May 22 2022

The Number of Figures in Jombang Reminds of Diabetes Hazards



Health-related information needs to be done intensively for the community. The opportunity to have limited access and understanding is one of the reasons people are not aware of health. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or including diabetes.

Therefore, some figures in Jombang in East Java welcomed the efforts of the Center Leadership (PP) of the Nahdlatul Ulama Health Institution (LKNU), which has screened diabetes mellitus. And they remind you of the dangers of DM & how to avoid them.

"Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is one of the metabolic diseases that can affect everyone, and will continue for a long time for the patient," said HM Zulfikar As, name 11/14, on Wednesday. Said.

According to one of the carers at the Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Rejoso, Peterongan, Indonesia are the top ten countries with DM.

En One of the best ways to avoid this is to live a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle, “said Chancellor of Darul Ulum University (Unipdu) in Jombang.

Also, it is necessary to recognize DM. Ik At the same time, eating and drinking, exercising, avoiding enough rest and stress, and always behaving positively as God's creatures, yeme explains Gus Ufik.

The head of the Jombang Health Service also said that diabetes is a major enemy. Bunu Together, let's stop this, P said Pudji Umbaran.

According to him, those who need to be done to prevent complications. I Let's set up a diet with type, number and frequency and exercise regularly, “he explained.

In the opinion of Dr. Pudji, health should be monitored. "This is for the sake of creating Jombang with character and competitiveness," he said.

Mojoagung and Bandar Kedungmulyo Those who lived in Jombang Subdistricts seemed enthusiastic about the screening of DM by PP LKNU. The activity was designated LKNU for Diabetes Mellitus.

Widiya Astutik, "During the event, residents are checking blood sugar for free," he said.

The PBNU LK team said the screening activities continued until Tuesday (11/13). ”And thankfully, there are dozens of healthy people who have been scanned by us to this day.“ Each one has spread to the villages of Banjarsari and Tinggar Village.

The program promotes public awareness about DM in collaboration with the World Diabetes Foundation. Yıl It has been released since 2017, and the launch of free blood glucose screening or screening activities in the Jombang region was just the end of August 2018, “he said.

Each of the two selected sub-regions consists of three villages. They included Mojotrisno, Miagan and Dukuhdimoro villages in Mojoagung. However, Bandar Kedungmulyo Subdistrict covers the villages of Banjarsari, Tinggar and Karang Dagangan. (Ibn Nawawi)

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