Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Most Common Long Line of COVID-19 Symptoms, Hair Loss to Kidney Failure


Although some of the survivors were advertised as being treated for the COVID-19 infection, they never recovered from a range of symptoms. COVID survivors seem to apply not only to a history of comorbid illness, but also to many young patients who have never had serious illnesses before.

A chest diseases specialist from Dostluk Hospital, Dr. Diah Handayani, Sp.P (K) explained that the way to detect and treat the prolonged risk of COVID-19 is through a comprehensive examination of the patient.

At a webinar organized by Jakarta, he said, “(Examination) is comprehensive. What to do? We can do blood tests, x-rays, blood pressure control, inflammation. This does not mean that they all have solved what happened. Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI) branch. Saturday (3 / 4/2021).

Until now, there is no certainty about the symptoms that will result from the physical condition of each patient. Reported symptoms are also increasingly diverse. Starting from respiratory and cardiovascular ailments to unexpected symptoms such as hair loss.

“It doesn’t make it up, but it’s a comprehensive syndrome. Not just one, but many.”

So, what are the long-term symptoms that long COVID patients complain about? Include the following:

  1. Cardiovascular: Myocardiopathy, ventricular disorders, embolism
  2. Respiratory (Lung): Decreased lung function, fibrosis
  3. Kidney: Acute renal failure
  4. Dermatology: Skin rash, hair loss
  5. Neurology: Smell, taste, sleep disorders, cognitive decline, memory impairment dysfunction
  6. Psychic disorders: Depression, anxiety (anxiety disorders), mood disorders

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