Saturday , October 23 2021

Sule Celebrates Birthday Without Lina, Gave Gift from Rizky Febian and Putri Delina


Comedian Sule Lina Celebrates Birthday Without Lina, Written by Fear of the Peek, from Febian and Princess Delina

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The comedian and comedian Sule atu Entis Sutisna celebrated her birthday with a sweet surprise.

Sule is 15 years old now.

Although he was not with Lina, Sule also received surprises and gifts from children and employees, including Said Febian and Putri Delina.

Son of Sule, Rizky Febian and Putri Delina also presented a special gift to his father on his birthday., the excitement of Sime's birthday party, was launched by @sulekersss.

Last night, Sule fell asleep and was shocked by Rizky Febian, Princess Delina and her staff.

Sule's children and employees then came to Sule & # 39; re while they were saying Birthday.

Sule and Rizky Febian, the son of Lina, trained and danced Sule's back.

Sule and Lina's other children, Putri Delina and employees, brought a birthday cake lit by candles.

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