Friday , May 20 2022

Sleeping Recumbent Passengers Either Standing Near Footpads Can Speed ​​Up Pregnancy


JAKARTA – There are many ways to get pregnant quickly, which can be taken by a married couple. However, is it correct to remove the sleeping position on your feet after sexual intercourse? Maybe you heard the neighbors whispering, because the neighbors can whisper and lift up both legs, so that they can speed up the pregnancy after being pregnant. For example, this sleeping position is thought to stimulate sperm. Swim faster to get the egg. Before you are tempted to try it, first consider an explanation of how the medical goggles should quickly become pregnant.Is it true that sleeping with your feet after having sex is the right way to get pregnant? 's after the presentation of Hellosehat, while placing a pillow on your thighs while sleeping, your legs to lift, the sperm swim to encourage the egg to swim more quickly. This sleeping position is thought to help the earth to combat gravity in order to prevent the semen from reoccurring after penetration through the vagina. Scientific research cannot prove this assumption. When men orgasms are very fast, up to 45 kilometers per hour up to half a meter of semen or ejaculation. However, how quickly the sperm reaches the egg is affected by the quality of the sperm cell and endocrine hormones, but some health experts claim that there is nothing wrong with trying this unique, fast pregnancy method. Very Good The family reported that the women lying while lying on their feet for 15 minutes found that they had a chance to become pregnant more than 27% after ovulation. Faster sperm swim increased your chances of becoming pregnant. To pass through the cervical mucus and fertilize the egg, the sperm cells should be able to swim at a rate of at least 25 micrometers per second. Less agile and agile sperm cells contribute to 10% of the many causes of difficult men having children. It's hard for men to have children. These include testes, testicular cancer, testicles, smoking habits, and infections such as cannabis or cocaine use. Knows the fertility period of a woman. To get pregnant quickly, you must have sex at the right time so that the sperm can afford the egg. When the egg enters the fertilization period, the eggs are released. Generally, the release of the eggs takes place only once a month, and the fertility period takes place only for a few days. Forward-looking mothers should also prepare the necessary nutrients for health promotion and then for fetal growth. For example, folate intake and consuming nutrients that increase fertility.***

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