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Shoot Aliens to Spaces to Pay Attention to the Aliens

[ad_1] – People want to know if there is any other life outside the world. Now, scientists have new ideas to attract the attention of our neighbors.

They plan to use laser technology that we use today as a glare for the aliens we can have, or as a kul planetary porch Bugün.

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say that the light on the porch can be captured by extraterrestrial life, up to 20,000 light years.

According to the team, infrared lasers can also be used to send basic messages into space. It offers a kind of Morse code to tell other creatures about human beings on planet Earth.

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“It's going to be a tough project, but it's impossible not to do that, acak said James Clark, one of the researchers in the study.

Çek Today's built-in lasers and telescopes can produce detectable signals, so that other creatures can see our stars and immediately see something unusual in the spectrum, and certainly attract more attention, “he said. Science WarningWednesday 11.07.2018.

The feasibility study recommends the use of 1-2 megase focused laser with a 30-45 meter telescope.

This will create an infrared beam that is strong enough to defeat the energy produced by the Sun, and therefore it may be strong enough to be caught in the eyes of aliens.

The closest possibility is that the aliens can capture the transmitted signal in the Proxima Centauri region (the nearest star to the Earth) or in TRAPPIST-1 (potentially a star embedded within 40 light years).

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But the problem is, when there's not enough telescopes. In the meantime, the laser must be fired from a high place or from the camera in the spacecraft passing through it to minimize interference in the atmosphere.

"If we start communication, we can send messages at several hundred-bit speeds to reach there in a few years," Clark said.

The new study also includes an analysis of whether to capture similar laser beams obtained by the instruments from the earth, but some experts say this is not possible because there are too many obstacles covering the light.

It is unclear when this plan is run. But at least if people want to start advertising the existence of the Earth, we already know a way.

"In general, this is a feasibility study. It's a good idea, isn't it, then the debate is needed." Said.

This research has been published Journal of Astrophysics.

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