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Shania Junianatha announces her graduation from JKT48


JAKARTA, – JKT48 member, Shania Junianatha, graduated from JKT48 idol group. He announced his graduation on November 17, 2018.

The announcement of Shania's graduation was uploaded to an Instagram account with a photo title. I Kompas.coOn Sunday (11/18/2018).

"I explained that I graduated from JKT48 from Shania Junianatha, JKT48. In the end, the words I thought to be very difficult to come out of my mouth appeared today."said.

The first generation of the Idol group, Shania, found that the graduation decision was not easy.

"Here, 7 years, everything is not easy to release, but my decision-making process is not easy. When I ask again, will it be ready? Search for new dreams and targets many times. Wake up. I want to wake up. I'm looking for a new new identity"he wrote.

"And I want JKT48 to wake up. Once again, there is no regret to see that you've worked hard for me once more to the last sousenkyo., "Shania wrote again.

At the end of the sentence, Shania gave an impression to his comrades.

"The gifts you give each year excite me to reach dreams in order to make dreams come true in this life. I really like being an idol. I really do. Until that day, let's be an idol once again. Love"said.

After graduating from Shania, the first generation of JKT48 remained with five other people. They are Gaby, Ayana, Beby, Sonia and Frieska.

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