Thursday , July 29 2021

Sandiaga says "Chili Politics" for rude politicians to speak

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Candidate Deputy 02, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno (SSU) Pasar Baru said that when he was buying pepper in a merchant called Pekanbaru and Rudi, he remembered that his lip was often spoken by Mien Uno when he was buying pepper.

"If I see red pepper, I remember every moment when I talk about it hardly, my mother, Mien Uno, my mouth is fired immediately. Now we call it Chile or the politics of lado," Sandiaga said in an official statement on Monday in Jakarta.

A politician told me that each time he would be given a chili in a painful way.

"Because we no longer need policies that do not unify the division," Sandiaga said.

Prabowo Subianto, the president of the economy, said that the focus is on the supply and creation of jobs, as well as on prices – stable and affordable prices of basic needs.

"We will simplify the distribution chain. We will also use the right consumption data, so there is no need to import agricultural products that can be produced in Indonesian territory. This country is rich in nature and the world? But why is it imported?" He said vice-president of the Justice Party. Prosperous (PKS), Gerindra, National Authority Party (PAN) and Democrats.

Sandiaga will absorb the aspirations of the people of Pekanbaru Riau today after going to North Sumatra. On Tuesday, Palembang will be in South Sumatra.

Meanwhile, Rudi, a trader who was bought by Chili Sandiaga, admitted that the price of pepper in Riau is high.

The former DKI hopes that the Deputy Governor of Jakarta can protect the price – the price of basic goods should be stable and cost-effective.

. Mr. Sandi hopes that he will maintain his supply, so the price does not rise and fall, Sand Sandiaga said, as he rejected the change in the red pepper purchase.

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