Saturday , July 31 2021

Samsung Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Will Be in the Middle Rage Mobile – VIVA

VIVA – Samsung will use a fingerprint sensor (finger printUltrasonic on screen for Galaxy S10. Reportedly, this sensor was built to Qualcomm.

But not only for mobile phones for new features and high-tech flagship Just. But at the same time middle class smart phone Owned by Samsung.

Plan as reported by page Uber GizmoWill be fingerprint technology on Samsung mobile phones middle class 2019 & # 39;. Since this sensor is expected to be available on the mobile phone outlet in 2019, Qualcomm must complete the end of 2018 or early next year.

This idea can encourage many customers to use sensor technology on the screen. Samsung's financial statements indicate that sales for the lower and middle classes have declined. This can disrupt the situation by sewing the sensors on the screen of the class.

But Samsung must lose start Be the first to use a sensor on the screen. Because the technology is not completely new.

Vivo uses these sensors itself. V11 Pro uses a technology called the Screen Touch ID and is the first company to use fingerprints in Indonesia.

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