Saturday , July 31 2021

Reply Via Vallen Unsatisfactory Kill Songs Lyrics – VIVA

VIVA – Superman Is Dead drummer (SID), Jerinx criticized the group's singing, Via Vallen. Sunset in the Country of AnarchyJerinx thinks of the sword dance as a result of a song. This Jerinx critique invites pros and cons. This is a conversation on social media.

After being busy on the spot, Via was not quiet. In addition, many of them ask this issue to their management. Via also spoke. Jerinx answered the question of criticism in his Instagram account.

In fact, he claimed to be unwilling to comment because he did not want to be seen as a singer known for his feelings and arguments. It's just that this problem causes chaos in social media. This Pedangdut from East Java did not want the problem to continue.

"First of all, all humbly, I always apologize to Mas Jerung, who is the owner of the SID, and if the song was really disgruntled, I would sing on stage with the rhythm of dangdut music that devastated the song's song., "Typing.

He also explained that he did not intend to destroy the songs he was carrying with the type of music he was carrying. Via, also refused to receive money from songs Sunset on the ground anarchy Commercialized to DVD.

"What is the Sy question, what is the VCD? pirate? Or from official vcd label? As I understand it, when I was always out of the water, some organizers documented it with video footage, I was ONLY SENTED on stage and found the documents of their personal collections."said.

"I don't know anything about commercialization through vcd or youtube. I also did not like the results of commercialization of documents"said.

He says he wants commercial evidence if he's commercialized. When he performed the SID song, he was ready to sue the label that produced the DVD.

On this occasion, he did not accept anyone else's song. He also refused to enrich his songs from other musicians on stage.

"So far I've never had the money from the RUPIAH & # 39; s, from the sale of the physical vcd or digital (Yooyube etc.) from the song as you wish."said.

Singer dear He also announced that he did not receive any money from his videos on Youtube.

"JSo far, I've made money from the scene, not just from DIGITAL, but on stage. I feel it is more than enough for my life and my family."said.

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