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Renewed 16th Economic Policy Package


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MedanBisnis – Jakarta. President
Joko Widodo (Jokowi) launches the 16th Economic Policy Package
updated content. Includes rest policy
national economic durability.

The launch was announced on Friday (May 11th) by Minister of Economy Darmin Nasution, BI Governor Perry Warjiyo, Minister of Finance Airvigatar Hartarto Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati and Representative of the Presidential Office of Jakarta Nurhaida.

"We are explaining the deregulation package at number 16. Obviously why you ask 16 yes, there are actually two that we are not packages at all. First time cross-border trade loosening, then OSS (integrated licensing service system), because we did not search for packages because of more operational applications," said Darmin.

Darmin predicted that global economic conditions will still be under pressure and will slow down in 2019. He predicts that normalization of monetary policy in the developed countries such as the United States of America (USA) will continue.

Nevertheless, Darmin, Bank Indonesia (BI), raised the benchmark interest rate to 6% this week. ; If the trade war is to meet with Donald Trump (USA) and Jin Ping (China) later this week in G20, I hope it will be down soon. “

He said that commodity prices fluctuated, especially in crude oil. Ecek This will continue to take steps to normalize the Fed Rate increase. In addition, we still see the pressure on capital outflows. And it's time to buy international analysts, who started to say that rupiah was so cheap, Ve he continued.

Therefore, Darmin added, the government is trying to take mid-term steps to deal with the global situation. This printing package was launched to ensure investor confidence despite global pressure.

"We can't just try to answer the current transaction. It's important but not enough, but we also have to prepare a policy so that it can give trust to the fund owners, so they will." Said.
I Therefore, the government has issued a tax package 16, which encompasses the expansion of corporate tax reduction opportunities, and the tax holiday has increased, le he explained.

There are three policies updated in this 16th economic policy package. First, the government is expanding its tax-reduction facility to encourage pioneering industries, direct investment in the downstream basin, to promote economic growth.

In this case, the government shall perfect the provisions laid down in the Regulation.
Darmin, the Minister of Finance for Corporate Tax Tax Reduction Facilities, said: "To encourage an increase in investment value in Indonesia, the government is required to expand the scope of the Indonesian Standard Business Classification Classification (KBLI), which can be awarded to tax holiday facilities. " Said.

Second, the government relieved DNI as an effort to promote economic activity in leading sectors. This policy offers Inner Investment (PMDN) opportunities to enter all business areas, including Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Cooperatives.

In addition, the government is expanding partnerships for MSMEs and cooperatives, where they will work together to get businesses to a greater level. Güven We want to maintain and maintain investor confidence in the Indonesian economy, güven he added, while the business sector, opened for Foreign Direct Investments (PMA), is still quiet, giving the PMA the opportunity to have a larger share.

Third, the government strengthens currency controls by providing tax incentives. Control of natural resources (mining, plantation, forestry and fishery) as an obligation to include DHE in the export of their products. Tax incentives for the issuance of deposit incentives over the final income tax rates.

The obligation to enter this DHE does not eliminate the need for the company to fulfill its foreign currency liabilities. ”The government wants to control the currency by providing incentives for DHE, which is placed on the Indonesian Financial System (SKI),” he said.

Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo said the renewal of this policy package would strengthen the Indonesian economy more broadly. "This is a concrete step by which the government, OJK and the relevant authorities coordinate the steps to continue to improve our economic resilience, maintain macroeconomic stability and support financial systems and promote economic growth," he said. (DFT)

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