Monday , November 23 2020

Remove WhatsApp Stickers from the Apple App Store, Here's the Problem – VIVA

VIVA – WhatsApp & # 39; s Last Month's Stickers feature has been made available to users instantly sensed emotions chat more variety. So far, many free downloadable stickers have decorated the chat pages of WhatsApp users.

However, behind the tag's live features, it seems that there is a problem between WhatsApp and the App Store, which is the application download platform for Apple devices.

rumor mirrorOn November 19, 2018, Apple removed some WhatsApp stickers from the App Store. However, no stickers are disclosed.

According to WABetaInfo, Apple has three reasons to remove the decal application. WhatsApp violates the rules of & # 39; they claim.

WABetaInfo tweeted: Main reason: 1. There are too many applications with similar behavior.

2. This requires the establishment of a third party, even if no other application is required.

3. The design of this application is the same.

There is still no clarity that WhatsApp is planning to address this issue.

Perhaps many users are hoping that the WhatsApp app will add more tags to the application, so there is no need to download external applications.

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