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PUBG for PS4 Coming Soon, Note the Date!


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The latest news for fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG. Games with more than 3 million players (based on this article) have unequivocally announced that PUBG will release the game on December 7, 2018 on the PS4. This news was confirmed by Sony, which was also announced on the video on YouTube. Here is the quote:

For PS4 users, PUBG will offer 3 special versions with detailed prices and resulting content. List of the following versions:
1. Looter's Edition $ 30 USD / $ 38.99 CAD
– Just a game

2. Survivor's Edition $ 50 USD / $ 64.99 CAD
– Game
– Survivor Pass: Vikendi *
– 2,300 G-Money Pack
– 20,000 BP

3. Champion's Edition $ 60 USD / $ 77.99 CAD
– Game
– Survivor Pass: Vikendi *
– 6,000 G-Money Pack
– 20,000 BP

The PUBG also includes the Pre-Order system, the exclusive Nathan Drake Desert Outfit and the & # 39; Uncharted & # 39; & & # 39; Last Biz & # 39; Ellie Backpack Bag, which will give special prizes for PS4 users.

3 maps were presented to PS4 such as Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Other features, event mode and success will certainly be the same as the PC and Xbox One versions.

Previously, news about the release of the game was leaked before the announcement of the Amazon website making a mistake in publishing a PUBG ad for PS4. Advertising was later taken by Amazon.

PUBG was found steaming on PC for the first time in March 2017. While the Xbox One version is released in September 2018, this game is available for Android and iOS Smartphone users, as well as PC and Xbox One.

Source: Gamebrott, Gamespot

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