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Playing Tank Battle Games on RCTI + Free Official T-Shirt Bonds of Love: Okezone techno

JACQUARD – Still faithfully waiting for the sequel to the soap opera Ikatan Cinta on RCTI? How is the love story of Mas Al and Andin? What about Elsa and all her crimes? Watch the rest of the story every day on RCTI and through the RCTI + app.

New news for fans of soap operas Ikatan Cinta, Mas Al and Andien? Would you like to get closer to the Bonds of Love players? Or maybe you’d like to own items worn by Amanda Manopo and the Bonds of Love? This time, RCTI + distributed a special gift for Bond lovers. RCTI + organized a gift with the official Ikatan Cinta T-Shirt Merchandise awards. This T-shirt was also worn by the actors of Bonds of Love in Amanda Manopo and Dahsyatnya Ikatan Cinta. Obviously, Ties of Love will not be missed. Let’s get an official shirt, Ikatan Cinta. The method is very easy. For gamers or those who like to play, you can prove your prowess and get the highest score while buying official Ikatan Cinta T-Shirts. The RCTI + Gift period in the Game + feature is from 5 to 18 April 2021.

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How to get free Love Bond Official T-shirt:

Open the Games + feature in the RCTI + app

Choose a tank battle, then click ‘play’

Play Tank Battle game and get your best score!

Screenshot of the score of the game you are playing

Upload it to Instagram story and mention @rctiplusofficial @ mncgamescom

Sertakan hashtag #GiveawayRCTIPlus

10 lucky people will receive the official Free Love Bond t-shirt

The 10 winners of the first week will be announced on April 12, 2021

The RCTI + Giveaway feature in the game will last for 2 weeks and distribute 30 official Ikatan Cinta T-shirts. And there are 3 games consisting of:

5-11 April – Play Tank Battle game

April 12 – 18 – Play the game Ani Crush Pang & Kiko Run

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A few tips for playing Tank Battle game, you need to create a strategy to face powerful enemies in Tank Battle especially at the highest tier. You have to hit the opponent’s tank using a variety of bullets fired in an upward curve. With bullets, more sharpened bullets increase your strength to defeat your enemies. Determine the right angle to fire the gun in order to hit the target. Just touch the FIRE button to fire. Remember, when you shoot, the turn ends and passes to your opponent.

How? Really easy, right? So, if you are loyal followers of Ikatan Cinta and big fans of Aldebaran and Andin and want to buy the t-shirt worn by Andin, hurry up and follow the RCTI + Giveaway in the game feature and win the Ikatan Cinta T-shirt. Follow and always check RCTI + social media for complete information. Prove that you are a true fan of the Lovers Connection.

MNC Animation’s Chief Creative and Production Officer Andy Cheong said, “Come on, follow the RCTI + Giveaway and play the tank battle game, get the Official Ikatan Cinta Free T-Shirt. Playing games on RCTI + is easy and you are guaranteed to not empty your mobile’s memory. Enter the + application, select the game menu on the mobile screen, you can choose the tank battle game right away. Easy and practical. “

About RCTI +:

RCTI + is available as an AVOD service (ad-based Video On Demand service that users can use for free) and live streaming from the 4 most popular TVs (RCTI, MNCTV, GTV and iNews). There are also special content that does not appear on TV, only in the RCTI + application. In addition, there are many of the best shows such as Legendary soap operas, national eSports matches, Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Hollywood movies, children’s movies. It was later enhanced with the presence of 2 other features, RCTI +, News and Radio +. In News, users can read the most complete news from a variety of trusted sources. On Radio +, users can listen to radio, podcasts, audio stories, music and audiobooks from all over Indonesia. One year old RCTI + introduces 2 new features in RCTI +, Home of Talent (HOT) and Game. All are easily available without registration and for free.

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