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Persija Jakarta vs PS TIRA scores without a goal

Cakarang, Cakarang (10/11), Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Persija Jakarta should be happy to share a number after the PS TIRA can be withdrawn in 2018 League 1 in Wibawa Mukti Stadium. .

Although he dominated the game, Persija also received firm resistance from PS TIRA, who was persistent throughout the game.

The game has a golden opportunity for Kemayoran Tigers when it's only three minutes after the action of Novri Setiawan. Unfortunately, close-range shots of Novri's feed from Fitra Ridwan are still being driven by TIRA PS keeper Sahrul Fadil.

In the 19th minute, PS TIRA threatened the return. A strike by Ahmad Nufiandani of Aleksandar Rakic ​​could have been avoided by a wild cannon, but prevented by Persija goalkeeper Shahar Ginanjar.

Persija had his last chance in front of the first half. Renan Silva tried to break through the penalty box and denied it. Unfortunately, the referee did not see it as a violation.

Ismed Sofyan and his friends could not get full points at home.Ismed Sofyan and his friends could not get full points at home. (CNN Indonesia / Adhi Wicaksono)

The second half is entered in exactly 53 minutes. The landlord still creates a good opportunity. Unfortunately, his shot in the penalty area was still on the bar.

One minute later, Renan Silva almost made the winner stand out. Only the left foot kick hits the cross bar.

PS TIRA threatened in the 74th minute. Dimas Drajad, who escaped from the escort, shot at close range, but could still be prevented by the bright-looking Shahar Ginanjar.

Persija strives to launch an attack on the heart of the opponent's defense. However, the game behind the PS TIRA's discipline line reduced Marko Simic and his colleagues' actions. The score ended until the goalless draw was over.

A draw at home was a loss that Persija was fighting towards the title. Kemayoran Tigers was in third place in the games where the Superior PSM Makassar ranked 49 points or three points.

Arrangement of players

Persija Jakarta: Shahar Ginanjar; Ismed Sofyan, Jaimerson, Maman Abdurrahman, Michael Orah, Asri Akbar, Fitra Ridwan, Novri Setiawan, Renan Silva, Ramdani Lestaluhu, Marko Simic.

PS TIRA: Syahrul Fadil; Radanfah Abu Bakr, Didik Wahyu, Abduh Lestaluhu, Ahmad Nufiandani, Dzmitry Rekish, Izmy Hatuwe, Woo-Young Jeon, Manahati Lestusen, Wawan Febrianto, Aleksandar Rakic. (jun / sry)

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