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Persela v Arema Match Report, 11/16/18, Lig 1


Results for: Persela Lamongan 4-0 Arema FC

Persela managed to silence Arema at four missed targets at home.

Persela Lamongan won three points on the 31st week of League 1 2018. Later, on 16-11, he won a land victory in Arema FC with 4-0 points on Surajaya Stadium.

First round

Immediately Persela launched the print as a host. In fact, they were able to score a goal in Dendy Sulistyawan using the title of Wallace Costa in the 7th minute. The score was changed to 1-0.

Arema tried to stand up. The threat was given in the title of Arthur Cunha, who welcomed Dendi Santoso's free-kick. But the ball just hit the crossbar.

Persela did not loosen his attacks. The chances of getting back several times were obtained by the team of Aji Santoso. However, we still cannot add a target.

It was also hard to score because of the fact that the Persela defense was also strict.

A score of 1-0 lasted until the first half ended.

Second half

Arema tries to appear before pressing. However, Persela still struggled to remove his defense.

Persela was the scorer. It was the action of Diego Assis, who passed several Arema players, and then knocked out the penalty box, which Singo Edan & # 39; s team managed to get into. The score was changed to 2-0.

Arema is lagging behind working more aggressively in the realization of the attacks. However, there was a gap in the defenses which could be used by the players of Persela in the 66th minute.

The impetus, which ended with a horizontal intersection in Dendy's penalty area, successfully commissioned Loris Arnaud. The score was changed back to 3-0.

Arema still didn't give up. The opportunity was achieved by Hamka Hamzah, who moved to the front lines. But the result of the ball strike can still be blocked by Persela goalkeeper Dwi Kuswanto.

Hamka once again found the chance, but Dwi's ball retreated. Likewise, the goal scored by Alfin Tuasalamony in the 86th minute was deactivated by the referee because he was thought to be in an off-side position first.

In the end, Arnaud added the advantage of Laskar to Joko Tingkir with a 4-0 hit in the second half, during which he was unable to win the threshold of Arema goalkeeper Utam Rusdiana during the second half of the injury.

The score is 4-0, closing this fight.

Arrangement of players

Persela Lamongan
Aji Santoso

33 Dwi Kuswanto; 30 Eky Taufik, 2 Moş. Zaenuri, 4 Wallace Costa, 25 Samsul Arifin; 6 Ahmed Subagja Basith, 88 Diego Assis, 8 Syahroni; 51 Dendy Sulistyawan, 11 Saddil Ramdani, 9 Loris Arnaud

Backs: 21 Muhammad Ridwan, 5 Aed Tri Oka, 13 Muhammad Agung Pribadi, 12 Gian Zola Nasrulloh, 77 Moch Fahmi Al Ayyubi, 10 Mohammad Guntur Triaji, 98 Sugeng Efendi

Arema FC
Milan Petrovic

93 Utam Rusdiana; 44 Arthur Cunha, 23 Hamka Hamzah, 87 Johan Ahmat Farizi, 39 Alfin Tuasalamony; 22 Purwoko Yudi, 12 Hendro Siswanto, 10 Malkan Mansion; 9 Ahmad Nur Hardianto, 41 Dendi Santoso, 30 Muhamad Rafli

Backs: 96 Kurniawan Kartika Ajie, 28 Israel Wamiau, 37 Agil Munawar, 8 Nasir, 18 Ricky Akbar Ohorella, 16 Ridwan Tawainella, 86 Dalmiansyah Matutu

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