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PBNU is reluctant to report the PSI despite its support of the Shari'ah Regulation


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairman of the Board of Nadhlatul Ulama (PBNU) Said Aqil Siroj Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) claims he did not agree with the President's statement Grace Natalie rejects the application of regional regulations (curtain) based on religion.

Said, "I am a mass organization that objected to the opinion of the PSI," said Said, on Saturday at the Institute of Friendship of the Islamic Organizations in Jakarta (LPOI).

According to Said, the arrangement of regional regulations based on both Sharia Regional Regulations or the Gospel in the regions is based on any condition or situation. "For example, I am the head of a particular region, I have too much prostitution, I'm drinking. Said.

Nevertheless, Said said his side responded to a PSI statement with a cold head.

Büyük We are serious about responding, especially if there are people who are thinking, especially from small parties. In fact, it becomes larger, we can upgrade the PSI later, Aslında he said.

PBNU was not planning to report Grace Natalie to the police as Eggi Sudjana did. "It is up to him to have the right to report. I do not report. NU will not report" he said.

Earlier, Grace's statement on sharia regulations was reported to the police by the chief prosecutor of Police Zulkhair, Eggi Sudjana. The report of Eggi was received by the police report number LP / B / 1502 / XI / 2018 / BARESKRIM dated 16 November 2018 by Bareskirm.

Grace has been notified in breach of Article 28 § 2 (2) Article 27 § 2 (2), which is based on Article 15 of Law No. 1946 of the Criminal Code.

Eggi considered Grace's statement to be heavier than former KKI Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, under the pseudonym of Ahok. Grace said that local regulation led to injustice, discrimination and intolerance.

PBNU didn't report the police, even if they disagree with Grace.Grace Natalie. Photo: CNN Indonesia / Adhi Wicaksono

Grace Natalie, meanwhile, said she will follow the current legal process after being notified. Grace has also received various legal consultations from lawyers who are ready to defend if the legal process continues.

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