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NASA Want Space Space Plans in Mars


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JAKARTA, – NASA plans to land a spacecraft on the plain of Mars. The plan said NASA will discover more about the planet and will first measure the earthquake in Mars.

Reporting from the Metro page, Thursday (11/15/2018) NASA's spacecraft will land on November 16th and the space agency plans to publish the program directly. Exactly, this will land on a flat level next to the planetary equator, called Elysium Planitia. Scientists want to examine Mars to reveal the secrets of ancient history.

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In addition, scientists are hoping to see a dozen of 100 Mars earthquakes during the mission, producing data that will help uncover the depth, density, and composition of the planet's core, the rocky mantle and its outermost layers. "The information we want to make with this mission is really the science of understanding the history of the solar system," added InSight's chief researcher, Bruce Banerdt.

Not only that, foreign hunters have seen a; walled city ia and si a falling UFO bir in Elysium Planitia before. This image is from the Mars & # 39; walled cities & # 39; is considered proof. However, it turns out that the facts about the Martian plain can be wilder than fiction.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has a 'sea of ​​frozen sea' of almost the same size as the North Sea. found the sign.

"It is understood that the water that forms the ocean passes under the surface of Mars and passes through a series of disasters known as Cerberus Fossae. In 2005, it wrote ESA." (*)

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