Friday , August 12 2022

Kick and Keroyok Vocational School Teachers' Viral Students, Schools, They Say It


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID, KENDAL – Kaliwungu Kendal NU 3 Videos of a group of students showing their rude behavior towards their teachers are viral in social media.

In a 24-second video, the students at Kaliwungu 3 NU Vocational High School seemed to be pushing and kicking their teachers in the crowd.

The event took place during the course, and it was seen that the event occurred in the classroom and many students in the middle class.

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During the impatient action, the NU 3 Kaliwungu students did this laughter, but the teacher's expression, for example, showed a bleak face with anger.

The teacher also had time to fight back to his students. However, the students continued to be rude.

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Muhaidin, Kaliwungu 3 The Director of the NU Vocational High School confirmed that the incident took place in schools when it was confirmed by the reporters.

The students who carried out the action said that the students of the light vehicle engineering (tkr) class X majors and the teacher in the video were Joko Susilo (54).

"The event was held on Thursday, 11/08/2018. At that time, the last lesson was a machine-building lesson. The teacher was helping a student because they did not have any educational aid, the other students were noisy because their friends didn't carry them. ; or paper, "he explains on Sunday 11.11.2011.

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After that, the students get the reaction from the teacher by encouraging the teacher, they get a response from the teacher.

He added that Joko is also known as a teacher who often jokes for students to do something on the video.

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