Saturday , January 16 2021

Kiat Nagita Slavina Protecting Family Harmony

Jakarta – Become a public figure and a snow Server Famous actress Nagita Slavina, like Raffi Ahmad, already knows the risks and consequences that must be followed to ensure the harmony of households with her husband.

Nagita admitted that she was very sensitive and that she understood the risk of the existence of third parties vulnerable to Raffi Ahmad. She was born in Jakarta on February 17, 1988. She spent most of her time at home with her one child, Rafathar Malik Ahmad, in Jakarta.

Even so, Nagita himself believes that her husband will be loyal to her family and will continue to be responsible for the home life that she is raising.

"As the child of a woman and a mother, I am sure and I believe that the family I have built is always protected by God. baseball Who do you believe will be harder then? We're alone, but actually baseball and believe baseball In fact, Nagita said that he spoke with a number of media in the Tendean region, South Jakarta, on Wednesday, 11/14.

Nagita added that she always assured her husband while on business outside the home. The reason was she couldn't keep her husband in full for 24 hours.

"We know that your husband is entrusted by God, baseball It could take 24 hours. But there is God. Only when you lie to us, the important thing is that we believe that there is a God who protects us. This makes me believe that God will always keep my family in harmony. And as a woman with her public husband, Raffi, she must be prepared to hear rumors that are there. However, if we trust our husbands, God will be willing and will be protected. Ancak


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