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Ironically, there are many blocks found by foreign companies.


Ironically, there are many blocks found by foreign companies.
Illustration of an offshore refinery. – The Bloomberg / Rue Team

I, CIANJUR – Large oil and gas reserves in Indonesia are more common than foreign oil and gas companies. In fact, these resources should be managed by domestic companies such as PT Pertamina (Persero).

Head of Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities Amien Sunaryadi, according to the CCT Migas data, found that the greatest oil and natural gas reserves of PT Pertamina were found in the Jatibarang area only in 1967 and Parang Field 2012 & # 39; he also showed.

The rest of the Masela Bloc, such as Duri, Minas, Attaka, Arun, Natuna D-Alpha, Handil, Tunu and Abadi Fields, were discovered by foreign companies.

Amien said the irony was triggered by the minimum budget allocated by the state and companies for oil and gas exploration activities. Because search budget allocation is important, it determines the results that can be achieved.

At present, Indonesia's oil and gas exploration activities are far behind the other competitors.

"There is no allocation of search budgets if it is being sought in APBN, because of the existence of the New Order, the Old Order period, if there were reforms in this period, but it was small," Amien said on Thursday (April 11th). Said.

In addition, special resources for research have only been budgeted in recent years through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Geological Office's Budget Implementation List (DIPA).

However, the allocation is still very small, for example, Rp in 2010 has been valued at 12.6 billion and has reached the maximum Rp222 billion for a year to date.

It is therefore natural for the state to rely on private investors to conduct oil and gas exploration.

On the one hand, local oil and gas supplies continue to increase, but the discovery of new reserves is not yet realized.

"We have checked the Pertamina, we recently published a great discovery budget. 2016-2017. The reason why Pertamina didn't discover it. For example, Banyu Urip, initially held by Pertamina, no discovery, no Exxon discovery. Exxon, seismically 3D wants to spend too big, "he said.

In fact, large investments can be made if large reserves are made.

”So the investment is reduced, because we can't find a big reserve anymore, and if big reserves are found later, the investment will be big.“

On the other hand, drilling exploration well targets aiming to reach to the third quarter of 2018 are expected to reach only 18 exploration wells.

Iyor Why do we not make progress as oil prices are good again? KKTC is discovery and exploitation. If discovery is often restricted by funds, then there is no funding at that time. Keş

In addition, licensing issues, regulations and social problems are barriers to drilling.

"Container trucks carrying these towers cannot enter, because bridges are not enough, there are those who do not fit into the community, so they cannot happen until the 2019 budget year."

Therefore, Amien believes that this goal cannot be achieved this year.

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