Tuesday , July 27 2021

Indonesia's National Team Does Not Reduce Attack Line Timor Leste

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – East Timor will encounter Indonesian national team, in the first game experienced a severe defeat in Thailand from 0-7 AFF Cup 2018However, the teams from the youngest countries in Southeast Asia were able to carry out an attack that threatened the target of the Team Gajah War.

Timor Leste, who took part in the AFF Cup finals for the second time after 2004, should swallow the negative results while looking at Thailand.

Aderito Fernandes scored seven goals. Six goals were scored by Adisak Kraisorn and another goal belonged to Supachai Jaided.

Apart from the defeat of the defending champions, Timor Leste broke a statistical record of 46 percent with the accuracy of the shot. According to the data reported by the official AFF Cup Championship website, 15 times for the release of the ball, seven shots moved towards the goal, the other five expanded and two chances blocked.

The Rising Sun squad was recorded as the first team to fire a match in Thailand's Rajamangala Stadium (Friday (September 11th).

The compact defense style shown by Thailand made Timor Leste open the fire from the outskirts of the majority.

The national team of Timor Leste came out only twice in the AFF Cup finals.The national team of Timor Leste came out only twice in the AFF Cup finals. (JUNE KRISWANTO / AFP)

Only two of Goldeki's 15 shooting chances came from within the penalty box. One of the opportunities in Box 16 was Henrique Wilson Da Cruz Martins, after East Timor fell 0-2.

With three opportunities, Martins came to Thailand and became one of the many players with many opportunities. Martins has just lost four of his winning front lines, Rufino Walter Gama.

In addition to the statistics of firing statistics, Timor Leste's courage to threaten the Thai goal was seen in seven cornerstrokes.

In the first 90 minutes, Timor Leste received the ball, with 45 percent of possession. (nva / ptr)

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