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Illegal Borrowing Performs 23 Practices in Sleman, Not All OJK Registered All

[ad_1] 23 applications are filed at the online credit operator (pinjol) office in Sleman, which was raided by the West Java Police Special Criminal Investigation Directorate and the DIY Police Special Criminal Investigation Directorate.

None of these are registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

“A registered application is only for deception as if this were legal,” Ditreskrimsus Kombes Pol Arif Rahman (14/10/2021), Director of West Java Police, said Thursday.

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Arif said that 3 days ago, a victim with the initials TM made a report.

“The person concerned was hospitalized due to depression with inhuman suppression measures from the loan obtained from the internet,” Arif said.

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West Java Police Special Criminal Investigation Directorate and Yogyakarta Police Special Criminal Investigation Directorate, later Jalan Prof. Herman Yohanes raided a building suspected of being the online loan operator’s office in Caturtunggal, Kapanewon Depok, Sleman Regency.

Police arrested 83 operators or debt collectors, two human resources department (HRD) employees and one manager at the location.

“The interesting thing is that a debt collector’s mix and Match, Between digital proof what we got from the victim with what’s here and to change. well digital proof“The information is very relevant, so we will conduct a thorough investigation and action against the perpetrators,” he said.

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He said he is still investigating how long the illegal online loan (pinjol) in Sleman has been running.

“We are continuing the investigation as we have just taken action at the crime scene,” he said.

from observation Kompas.comThe building suspected to be the “debt collector” operator’s office for the online loan application is Jalan Prof. Located right next to Herman Yohanes, Caturtunggal, Kapanewon Depok, Sleman Regency. This office building has 3 floors.

There are dozens of motorcycles parked in front of the office. There were also uniformed policemen standing guard outside the door.

Some citizens watched from across the street.

Didn’t apply but called

A young man has been spotted outside the office of the alleged operator of the ‘debt collector’ online loan application that the police raided.

It turned out that this man has been waiting for his friend who has been working in the office for only 1 day.

“The waiting friend Mas, the job Call center. My friend just said today, his first working day here, that he works overtime until 7 (evening) but how come he didn’t come home until 9 o’clock. That’s why I came here,” said Suga Pradana Jalan Prof. When Herman Yohanes met in Caturtunggal, Kapanewon Depok, Sleman Regency.

Suga said his friend just graduated from college. Some time ago he suddenly received a WhatsApp (WA) message containing a job interview call. In fact, her friend didn’t feel like she was sending a job application.

“Has WhatsApp been asked to do an interview here even though it didn’t feel like it was applying. It was an interview call last Monday,” he said.

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According to Suga, his friend came to meet with an interview call as he had an opportunity to get a job. Moreover, his friend had just graduated from university.

“Yes, on a whim, my friend just graduated yesterday, I had the opportunity, I tried. He said in the interview that his client was legal, but it turned out that the loan was not legal,” he said.

Suga said from his friend’s story that he had a set goal in one day.

“Delivered as target. At target, he said 10 million bills per day. He came home yesterday and was given two new primes (SIM Cards),” he said.

(Yogyakarta writer, Wijaya Kusuma)

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