Tuesday , October 19 2021

Hardworking women build breast cancer in the morning



winnetnews.com- Recently a study was done by Bristol University Scientist If women are zealous wake up early the risk of exposure is lower breast cancer Compared to women who wake up late or stay late.

Researchers from Independent analyzed the data of 400,000 women with genetic information recorded in the UK Biography. Looking at about 450 genetic markers with a risk of sleep intensity and insomnia. Scientists have also announced that breast cancer is triggered by alcohol or cigarettes.

The University of Bristol requires scientists to have an early abolition of factors such as work and family, and the authors suspect that this discrepancy may explain some additional risks. Nevertheless, the researchers say that this still needs to be proven.

"What we want to see next, our innate preferences, is the interaction between our behavior and our actual behavior in the morning or in the evening. Rebecca Richmond.

But that doesn't mean that the risk of cancer is completely determined by our genetics. Changing our behavior can reduce most of these risks.

This scientist supports women working on night shifts and light sleepers on sleep patterns with a high risk of cancer.

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