Thursday , September 29 2022

Flexibility of THS Home Service Team Helps Toyota Car Owners


mobilinanews (Banten) – THS Auto2000 Home Service was developed to continue the growth of Toyota customers engaged in periodic service and vehicle repairs in Auto2000.

This is a normal service and a light repair service that lasts less than 2 hours at the customer's location at the time of the customer's request.

In addition, the quality of this service is also equivalent to regular service at periodical service costs, as is the case with official workshops and Auto2000 authorized workshops.

Based on 12 fleet of Toyota Avanza Transmover, Tangerang THS Auto2000 Home Service area increased in 2017 from 5,959 Toyota vehicles to 5,963 customers in 2018.

For the Serang and Pandeglang regions, there has been an increase of 13% from 2017 to 2018, ie from 1360 units to 1,812 units, based on the Toyota Avanza Transmover 4 fleet.

The increase in the number of THS Auto2000 Home Service customers in the Serang – Pandeglang region, run by the Serang and Pandeglang branches depending on the increasing economy in the regions of Serang, Pandora and Serang, Pandora and Pandeglang.

Especially in the last 3 regions, which are based on agriculture, fisheries and tourism sectors.

On the other hand, the geographical environment in the region covers a mountainous and coastal area, which is quite remote and difficult to visit an official workshop in the district capital.

As a result, the flexibility of the THS Auto2000 Home Service team helped both companies and individuals to preserve the status of Toyota car owners, Toyota cars.

There are also other additional benefits, such as saving time and money, because you don't have to leave the place, it's practical and fast, because you can book a service through the Auto2000 Mobile app and there are several attractive promotional programs available.

This time, during a visit to the Serang region, journalists from the national media had the opportunity to meet fleet and retail customers from the THS Auto2000 Home Services, which had experienced the Best Property Experience in Auto2000 for the first time.

References from loyal users of THS services are a concrete manifestation of the efforts of the Auto2000 to ensure the convenience and comfort of Toyota cars for their loyal customers at all times.

# This is in line with the motto of our new service concept, Auto2000 More, Toyota Affairs Easier, 39 said Ardian Nur, Operations Manager at Auto2000 in DKI Region 2.

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