Tuesday , July 27 2021

Finance Minister continues to monitor global conditions by protecting rupiah's movement

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the government would continue to monitor global conditions to maintain the rupee's move against the US dollar, which is open to external pressure.

"The current global conditions and dynamics have to protect and be aware of our economy, so how can we protect our economy?" suck He said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Sri Mulyani's rupee movement, which is prone to weakening, still affected the global uncertainty due to the normalization of the Fed's monetary policy.

However, the government allowed it to continue to renew its economic fundamentals by reducing the current account balance (CAD) to stabilize rupee.

Rehn added that the reform process could boost market players' confidence in the country's economy against external turmoil.

"Regarding CAD, I think we met at the cabinet meeting. The steps taken by the ministry / institution, the business world and the coordination with BI and OJK. We will continue," he said.

The rupee exchange rate transactions, which were traded on Tuesday afternoon in Jakarta, increased by two points to 14,828 with two points compared to the previous year, compared to the previous year.

"As we see a new optimism about the development of trade relations between the United States and China, the rupiah exchange rate has strengthened," said Ariston Tjendra, President of Monex Investindo Futures Research.

Optimism was seen when Prime Minister Li Keqiang said he was willing to improve free trade.

Varlık It is hoped that market players will have a bright spot to increase confidence in risk assets, “he said.

However, the US dollar is still quite robust against the majority of the world's major currencies, because some market players, Brexit (the separation of Britain from the European Union), and the uncertainty in Europe regarding the global economic slowdown. still worried.

"Fund flow is still moving towards assets safe harbor Like the US dollar, conditions are favorable for the US currency, "he said.

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