Thursday , February 25 2021

Fake Roaming Clubhouse App Says Cyber ​​Security Expert, JAKARTA – The popularity of the Clubhouse voice-based social network has been exploited by cybercriminals.

They target Android users who are curious about the social network. As is known, Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS users.

Cybercriminals spread fake Clubhouse apps used to steal user data for Android users, said Cyber ​​Security expert from Kaspersky Denis Legezo.

“This malicious fake app can then get the location of the device both brute and accurate, record audio and video, access messengers, etc.,” Bisnis said in an official statement on Friday, 19/2/2021. Said.

So what should be done to avoid fake Clubhouse application?

According to the Cyber ​​Security Expert from Vaksincom Alfons Tanujaya, the only way to do it is to be patient until the official Clubhouse app, Alpha Exploration, is released on the Google PlayStore.

“Do not download outside of the PlayStore because of a certain temptation. Alpha hasn’t released an official app for Android yet. [Exploration]”He told Bisnis Friday (19/2/2021).

Meanwhile, according to Alfons, when it comes to the circulation of an app claiming the name Clubhouse in the Google PlayStore, this should also be considered. Because it is not impossible for the application to benefit from the popularity of Clubhouse in ways that harm consumers.

“Be careful, don’t install it carelessly, if it’s already removed, there will be no unwanted things in the future,” he finished.

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