Friday , August 12 2022

Enjoy Buru Eucalyptus Oil Temperature with Terios 7 Wonders 2018

[ad_1] – The 7th Terios expedition was again under the title of Moluccas Next Chapter. This time Daihatsu will travel through three famous islands in Maluku; Buru Island, Ambon Island and Seram Island. This time, 9 days, 10-18 November 2018 & # 39;

This discovery uses 4 (four) units of All New Terios with the R Deluxe variant, which consists of 2 Terios A / T, which includes the Friends of the Terror and M / T and the Daihatsu team. They discovered Namlea Buru Island, the largest supplier of eucalyptus oil in Indonesia.

Amurafa began with a ceremony at Buru Regency Regent's Office, which was attended by Besan as the representative of Buru Island. Then the team went to Bukit Tatanggo Namlea.

During the voyage of Terios 7 Wonders, the team made a few steep slopes and turns along the trip.

Of course, they are sure that they can overcome these obstacles because All New Terios is equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) which prevents the wheels from locking in case of sudden braking. So the wheels can still be controlled.

Not only this but also the EBD (Electric Brake Force Breakdown) running to improve braking performance, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) preventing slipping when changing or changing lanes, and HSA (Hill Start Assist) running to keep the car in 3 seconds, stops climbing.

After the 9-kilometer journey, the team came first. The team then met with Ismail and Hasan Basri, one of the families who had eucalyptus oil to do business from 4 generations.

Interestingly, they said that eucalyptus plants are endemic plants on this island and that they grow continuously and can be harvested twice a year. Ismail, "the higher the location of the eucalyptus plant, the higher the purity level and the stronger the aroma," he said.

The process begins when the eucalyptus leaves are cooked in a water heater made of yellow wood, which is tightly sealed for 6 hours, then the steam is cooled and flows into the distillation tube and then the eucalyptus is ready to be placed in each large glass bottle.

Astra International President of Tulsa Pambudi of Daihatsu East Indonesia, "As an adventurous friend Terios, it has visited the beauty of nature in every corner of the archipelago and this year was 7 years.

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