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Discussed Item is controversial Waring Rp 580 Million …


When it was first established in July 2018, the cover war in Kali Item in Central Jakarta became a topic of discussion. Net value 580 million IDR is only less than four months.

Kali Item, the waring covering Central Jakarta, began to be dismantled today. Then, then it will be built of sheet metal or plaster.

In connection with the waring of Kali Item, it was first established in July 2018 or approximately 4 months ago. At that time, Indonesia was preparing to host the Asian Games in August 2018.

He is currently deputy governor of DKI, Sandiaga revealed that the budget for the war is around 580 million IDR.

Sandiaga, Tuesday (24/7), "Product total budget ceiling sum of 580,833,000 Rp, is divided into three parts," he said.

Sections 1 and 2 were Rp, 192,232,000 and Rp. It was built on a budget of 162,232,000. Segment 3 was built on a budget of 196,369,000 Rp for 246 meters.

The waring setup in the Kali Item had various reactions. One of them is the suggestion that the sludge in the Kali Matter is not modified and replaced by war instead.

Foreign media also stressed the use of war to cover smells in the Item Times. Media Channel News Asia reviewed the closure of the Kali Substances in an article in Jakarta, which covered an ri rancid, poisonous river Kal near the Asian Games village.

Channel News Asia, ları Asian Games Athletes in Jakarta A poisonous and foul-smelling river near his home was closed with black nylon nets because it would damage the horror scene during Asian Games, Channel he said.

According to the ITB Environmental Engineering Instructor, Agus Jatnika, he also does not have the effect of eliminating odors. Agus recommends the use of an absorbent to reduce odors.

"For example, activated carbon is wrapped in cloth that is sewn into water. It will be very useful. 20 Said.

Jakarta DPRD NasDem Faction Chairman of the Board of Directors Bestari Barus is not a solution to overcome the odor of warming warning that will close the Kali Matter close to the heart of Kemayoran athlete. In order to avoid disturbing the Asian Games athletes, Composer challenged the Governor's Team (TGUPP) for Developmental Acceleration, which Kali should offer a solution to overcome the Odor.

M TGUPP is an expert in all contents. Yes, (TGUPP), there should be concentrated people (or institutions) or bodies (occasionally eliminating odors) should be able to find.

Teguh Hendrawan, head of the Water Resources Department, said he was not screened for fear of landslides.

"We're investigating sludge sediments and we don't dare to do this in the Sentiong River, because the layer here hasn't yet installed the stack," Teguh 7/27 said on Friday.

In addition to being fortified, perfume spray was also sprayed in the Kali Substance. The spraying focused on the athletes' area near Wisma.

Today, the war is starting to be dismantled and steps will be taken immediately. If it is staged later, the next step will be scanned.

"After a page has been set up, maybe it will be scanned later, because I don't dare not crawl now, I'm afraid of collapse. The problem is that the walls only use river stones and load public roads directly," he said. SDA DKI Adrian Mara Mevlana Wednesday (11/14).

Adrian, the purpose of scanning the Kali Element, the run out of the mud and flow should work seamlessly, he said. Scan, continue Adrian, a long-term plan for the DKI SDA.

Var The effect of the scan was as follows: If there is more sludge, this means that the density of water decreases due to precipitation. If we clean the sludge, the flow means water flowing from top to bottom. Eğer
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