Sunday , September 19 2021

Chrome 92 gets improved phishing detection and becomes less CPU intensive – PC

Google has announced a new version of Chrome, Chrome 92. A new version will be released in the coming weeks, promising to improve phishing detection and make Chrome less CPU-intensive.

Every time a user visits a page, Chrome evaluates whether it’s a phishing site by, among other things, comparing that page to phishing sites known to use color. This happens in the browser and often causes significant CPU usage. According to Google, Chrome 92 will do this 50 times faster, while the CPU usage of the browser will be reduced by 1.2 percent. Here’s what the tech giant wrote on the Chromium Blog.

To be faster and require less CPU processing power, Chrome will no longer store per-pixel hash RGB colors in color detection, but will index them by color. This way the number of pixels should be counted three times less. Also, adjacent pixels of the same color are combined before counting. If the background of a web page is mostly the same color, it should count less than when analyzing each pixel individually.

In this way, Google promises to detect phishing 2.5 to 50 times faster in Chrome 92, which is 1.8 seconds faster for the average user. This also makes Chrome require 1.2 percent less processing power than the CPU. This should also result in less battery consumption for the laptop.

In addition to these improvements, a new update for Chrome lists security improvements. Users with Android smartphones can more easily manage permissions, such as location data for individual websites; This feature should come to other platforms later. iOS users can now also lock private tabs with Makrumor Face ID.

Chrome users on version 92 can also run an in-browser security scan from the address bar by typing “Run security scan”. When users do this, their web browser checks the security of their saved passwords, and Chrome checks for misleading browser extensions, among other things. Also, Isolation of this site has been improved in Chrome 92.

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