Wednesday , September 28 2022

Bams Ex-Samsons Officially Divorced With Mikhavita Wijaya


JAKARTA, – Former Samsons vocalist Bambang Reguna Bukit or Bams is officially divorced from Mikhavita Wijaya after seven years of marriage.

The divorce case filed by Mikhavita Wijaya was accepted by the panel of judges at South Jakarta District Court (PN).

“MW plaintiff, BR defendant, defendant scheduled for Tuesday, October 12, 2021 with the decision agenda. The decision has been made in part,” said South Jakarta District Court Public Affairs, Suharno, Wednesday (13/10/2021).

Harsono said that in the decision, custody fell to Mikhavita Wijaya.

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But on the condition that Bams sees his girlfriend Eleanor Reguna Bukit once a week.

“The determination of the custody of the 6-year-old 7-month-old child, whose name is Eleanor Regina Bukit, belongs to the plaintiff, provided that the defendant, as the father, has the right to meet with the child once a week.” Suharno.

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In addition, Bams has to make a living for their children’s education through Mikhavita Wijaya with at least Rp 10 million per month until their children are adults and can live independently.

For information, Mikhavita Wijaya filed for divorce Bams ex Samsons in South Jakarta District Court in April 2021.

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A month ago, coinciding with Desiree Tarigan and Hotma Sitompul’s feud, Bams had already announced that she was on the brink of the household.

Bams said that she was in the process of getting a divorce from Mikhavita Wijaya at the time and moved on peacefully.

Bams ex Samsons officially married Mikhavita Wijaya on January 14, 2014 at GPIB Paulus Jakarta, Central Jakarta, Menteng district.

From this marriage, Bams and Mikhavita Wijaya had a daughter.

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