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Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red Fell In Indonesia As Picture, This Price!

Asus Zenbook S Bordeaux Red
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Asus Zenbook S The price of Burgundy Red has turned into 26 million IDR!

OKETEKNO.COM – Asus smartphone manufacturers have produced their latest Android smartphones not only in the domestic market but also in tablet and laptop devices. As in October, the Taiwanese dealer officially presented the Asus Zenbook S UX391UA as a premium laptop device. At that time, Asus offered only the Deep Dive Blue color variants, now the vendor offers a new color variant with dark red color. Asus Zenbook S Bordeaux RedThe design looks elegant and attractive, ready to be the choice of millennials.

In his official statement, Jimmy Lin, Asus Indonesia Country Manager, Asus Zenbook S revealed that Burgundy Red is very suitable for identifying users who are really dynamic and are not afraid of the challenges of today's digital world. So how does the official Zenbook S look like a stylish body as a first class device?

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Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red, as a top-notch notebook, is equipped with powerful performance, supported by the Intel Core i7-8850U, a powerful 8-inch Intel processor. The graphics are powered by the Intel UHD 620 GPU powered by 16 GB RAM when it comes to quality. For data storage, users are spoiled with 512 GB SSD Pixels.

This notebook is not only difficult to open documents, browse and watch videos, but also powerful enough to play games and process videos. Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red ultrabook can do anything in this stylish design.

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By the way Features of Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red This is still the same with the Deep Dive Blue color variant. 13.3-inch widescreen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution (FullHD). Asus also packets with the NanoEdge display design to produce a very slim display frame, where the body's body ratio reaches 85 percent.

Asus manufacturers also pay attention to the use of this premium laptop to write an article that can provide comfort when using Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red. This notebook is supported by the ErgoLif design, which allows the installed keyboard to be removed and create an angle of 5.5 degrees.

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Not only does it offer a kitchen runway and promising performance, it also works with Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red, which can last up to 13.5 hours. Even this laptop is supported by fast charging technology for faster charging of laptop batteries.

The design of Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red is stylish, elegant and luxurious. The body is packaged in a thin and light design with a slim body. This premium notebook body is 12.9 mm thick and weighs up to 1 kilogram. In addition to the Burgundy Red color variant, the Asus Zenbook S UX391UA in Indonesia is also available in Deep Dive Blue. So what's the price tag?

For Banderolan The price of Asus Zenbook S Burgundy Red Deep Dive Blue was launched at the same price as Rupees 26.299.000 per unit. This laptop has even military standards, so it's pretty hard. For those interested in requesting a hand, you can buy this device in limited quantities and buy it from the Asus store immediately.

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