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As a result of the Colossal Drama Event, the Viaduk Stairs can be demounted

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia – Tragedy of the Viaduk Railway during the implementation of the massive drama 10 November On Friday night in Surabaya (9/11) were long queues.

Mayor Surabaya Tri Rismaharini emphasizes the access of the stairs around the viaduct of Jalan Pahlawan Surabaya. Burning Surabaya Colossal was the staircase, which claimed that the residents used the train to climb the bridge while watching the drama.

Risma questioned why the ladder could be around the vibe, according to her, the bridge was sterile and could not be passed by any person.

Araya It must be sterile because there is a train pass, gel Risma said at a meeting on Saturday 11/10 in Surabaya City Hall.

Nevertheless, Risma was reluctant to comment too much on the stairs, because, according to him, was the authority and area of ​​the Indonesian Railway.

In response, PT KAI Daops 8 Public Relations President Surabaya, Gatut Sutiatmoko, admitted that his office has never built access stairs around the viaduct.

"Not the stairs [hasil] KAI installation. KAI does not know there is a ladder, "Gatut said when approved I cnnındonesia.coSaturday (11/10).

Gatut estimates that the staircase was built on the initiative of local residents to provide access to the viaduct.

"Maybe people put themselves there, so they could have access to viaducts, but not from the KAI who placed these stairs," he said.

However, Gatut said he would review the ladder directly to understand what his existence was.

"Then, there will be a review, regardless of whether there are benefits for the KAI officers, if there is no destruction there will be a destruction," he said.

Criminal Threats and Fines for Criminals in the Railroad Track

In addition, Gatut stressed that the railway bridge Viaduk should be sterile. Not only that, he said that no other railroad line should pass, except for the officer.

In this decision, stressed that it was regulated in the provisions of the 23rd Act of 2007 on Railway.

"After reading that every man was forbidden to find the railroad in the utility room, he confirmed that both the punishment and the punishment were imposed." Said.

According to Article 199 of the 2007 resolution, Gatut said that if each person working on the railway and who is not interested in the operation of the train, it would be fined 15 million Euros.

Penalties imposed, for those who violate, sanctions imposed on them are three months' imprisonment.

”This must be protected so that there is nothing to stop on the railway line, because it is very dangerous, especially the viaduct,“ he said.

In the meantime, Mapolrestabes burned Taufik Hidayat to visit Surabaya yesterday to inform him about the Viaduk tragedy, which led to the death of three people, because the responsible person, the head of the organizer of Surabaya, and also the trauma of a train.

Taufik, the organizer of the drama of his arrival, the community of the congregation and the organizer on the tragedy of the law enforcement force vibe, said that the commitment of the community of Burning Surabaya.

Taufik, the subject of this exam, crossed the viaduct bridge by the train 3 people were killed and dozens of people in relation to the incident that would cause injury to the police, he said.

As for security, he said his party was coordinating a number of security guards before the incident. But the problem, Taufik, said he was an overwhelming spectator. As a result, a series of people were desperate to watch over the viaduct.

”We can't imagine that this audience explosion will be out of our control,“ he said.

Unfortunately, Taufik did not know how many security guards were assigned to secure the position of Colosal Drama in Surabaya Pahlawan Street.

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