Friday , August 19 2022

Apple again distributes watchOS 5.1

[ad_1], Jakarta – After having affected several serious problems, Apple is confident enough to republish WatchOS version 5.1. And to distinguish it, Apple is also a sub-release, ie 5.1.1.

From Dan I (11/05/2018), Apple reportedly redistributed the latest version of WatchOS to users around the world. First, the update itself has been launched so that users can get rid of serious problems in Apple Watch.

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In addition to eliminating major problems with WatchOS, Apple also includes more than 70 new emojis in iOS 12.1. Other features also support a new watchface and support for creating FaceTime groups that allow users to communicate up to 32 people at the same time.

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Previously, it was known that there were a number of users reporting that Apple Watch wasn't available at all after updating WatchOS version 5.1. Because, there is a running and never-ending update.

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Users who have already made an update to WatchOS 5.1 cannot do much to solve the problem. Because Apple Watch is very different from iPhone and iPad because it does not have a port that can connect directly to the computer.

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