Saturday , January 16 2021

6 The Enchantment of Kevin Sanjaya

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – At least there are 6 Kevin Kevin women who are often fascinated by women.

Kevin Sanjaya is increasingly known since she managed to introduce badminton to Indonesia on the world stage.

Kevin, along with his colleague Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, was successfully a pair of 1 male males worldwide.

Not only did he win the number one world, Marcus / Kevin has managed to protect it for about a year or more.

Marcus / Kevin has been in the world's number one position since November 2017 until November 2018.

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Successfully becoming one of the top performers in the world, Kevin won the admiration of the public, especially sports fans, especially women.

Kevin often receives a compliment from the gombalan women's pains.

Not only among badminton lovers, Kevin also managed to draw the hearts of badminton players.

Macau's female singles, Ng Weng Chi, did not hesitate to advertise themselves as fans of Kevin Hardline.

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