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5 Dangers Eat often, one of them is cancer


I sukabumı – Increasing technology has made human life easier. Almost everything becomes very practical, including the provision of basic human needs, ie, food.

We find it much easier to search for restaurants or go abroad by finding a variety of restaurants on self-service shelves or shopping malls. We can easily enjoy almost every type of food, only to heat it in the microwave and it is called instant food.

For those who like to eat instant, behind the practicality of the portion, ready-to-eat meals is a kind of food to be avoided. Not only because of the protective ingredients that are not good for the body, but also to continue to eat ready-made foods, other chemicals will have a long-lasting effect on the body.

Some chemicals we can meet at dinner:

– Sodium polyphosphate

– Fat and gluten

– Malic acid and tartarin substances

– Alginate and glycerin

– Stirofoam material in plastic packaging

– PCM in vinyl packaging (vinyl chloride monomer and lead)

– Amino acids and lecithin

These chemicals, which continue to enter the body, can turn into dangerous disease seeds. Some diseases that can be caused by foods that are constantly consumed are:

one. cancer
For those who like instant noodles, reduce the eating habits of this single food because non-stick MSG and wax materials are used when they are packaged in a plastic wrap.

The same is true for other prepared foods, which usually contain high MSG. Very high levels of MSG damage the healthy cells in the body and trigger the growth of cancer cells. The type of cancer that affects people who like to eat instant, colon, liver and blood cancer (leukemia).

2nd. Brain injury
The second danger is brain damage. Instant food preservatives and dyes will form and form crystals in the body and little crystals will be transported from the bloodstream to the brain tissue. In the end, we experience a decline in thinking and reducing signals and intelligence.

3. Increased blood sugar
In addition to containing MSG, ready-to-eat foods also contain sugar at a sufficiently high level to keep the flavor delicious. However, high sugar and carbohydrate content in ready-to-eat foods such as biscuits, pastries, bread can increase blood sugar levels and may be the cause of type 2 diabetes.

4. obesity
Instant foods can consistently cause high calorie and obesity due to sugar content, and this is the main cause of rapid weight gain even in just one month. Correction is to consume plenty of water, vegetables and fruits.

5. Intestinal disorders
Chemicals, where carbohydrate is present as an instant food, will suppress and injure the intestinal wall. Preservatives are addictive and bind to the intestines and cause the intestines to adhere to other intestinal walls. Although it does not look very bad, intestinal disorders can have a serious effect and may end up with surgery to release the adhesive intestine.

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