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& # 39; Controversial Tretan Muslim and Coki Pardede & # 39; Deddy Corbuzier Praise


& # 39; Controversial Tretan Muslim and Coki Pardede & # 39; Deddy Corbuzier Praise
Youtube / Deddy Corbuzier

Deddy Corbuzier's latest blog, Tretan discusses the Muslim debate and other explanations and perspectives of Coki Pardede.

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Before long, the virtual world was shocked by the controversy made by the comedy Vlog. Muslim Tretan and Coki PardedeThe two members of Majelis Lucu Indonesia made a Vlog containing their actions to cook the pork mixed with dates. Who would have thought that the video was debating on social media?

Many people accused Muslims and Coki of insulting religion through video. Both decided to withdraw from the YouTube comedy scene after this discussion. This event also stole many parties Deddy Corbuzier He immediately invited both of them on Monday in the latest YouTube Vlog (5/11).

Deddy also called on Gus Miftah to present further views on the Muslim and Coki's videos and on the issues that led to discussions. "I want to know what the substance is?" Gus Miftah asked on Coki's video. Apparently, Coki and Muslim did not intend to insult any other religion.

"So the first is to cook pork mixed with Gus palm sauce. Many people ponder about it because many people think that history is repetitive things they don't think are allowed to be smart," he explains. they think they should not be included. But our main goal is not in this direction. But this is actually characterized by indulgence in Indonesia. Ama

Gus Miftah responded wisely to Coki's answers. According to Gus Miftah, perhaps Coki's view was not wrong, but it could be the place where the wrong opinion was expressed. This is due to the fact that Indonesia is a Muslim country with a majority Muslim population and this debate is a sensitive issue.

Moreover, Gus Miftah draws attention to what points are wrong, and he gives rise to discussions from Coki and Muslim comedy videos. An Hence, the content implied by the goods is transformed when the dates are mixed with pigs (worms). Now there's the direction, there (which leads to insult), aret Gus Miftah explains. He also mentioned the expression of Coki upon the discussion of the transformational worms by Muslims.

Coki, then laughed at the expression on the faces of Muslims, the history of the pigs will not be discussed when cooked. Muslims and Coki apologized that the discussions were caused. The Muslim said, "Both of us, we are doing riots, many people are misunderstood, I am ready to apologize".

At the end of the video, Gus Miftah advised the Muslims and Coki to continue working as a stand-up comedian. Deddy's self didn't respond to Vlog too much because he confessed that he didn't dare to give an idea because he didn't understand Muslims and Coki's contradiction to begin with. So he decided to look for Deddy Gus Miftah.

Even so, Deddy still raises praise, because he has embraced Muslims and Coki in his videos. "Sorry, brother, alaykum wkwkwk"Netter said."Thanks, man, thanks, bro, "another cried out"Thanks, thanks deddy chocolate and muslim embraced!"Another"Thx prepared content for Muslim chocolate"he wrote another one.