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2018 AFF Cup 6 Star Candidate


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – AFF Cup It has become one of the places of evidence for players on the Southeast Asian football scene. In every match, high prestige predicts that players appear in total.

Each participating country has a striking player with an individual potential above average. In fact, the presence of these players can be a pretty scary troubles for rivals.

Some of the new faces on the scene of Southeast Asian football. However, some are the old ones who often color the name of football tournaments in Southeast Asia.

I cnnı Try to examine the six potential stars in the AFF 2018 Cup.

1. Chan Vathanaka (Cambodia)

It was mentioned as Chan Vathanaka Messi from Cambodia. Look at a number of clubs outside of Cambodia that made a brilliant performance Chan in the 2016 AFF Cup.

Chan Vathanaka was shot by a number of clubs outside of Cambodia. (Chan Vathanaka looked at clubs outside of Cambodia. (HOANG DINH NAM / AFP)

In 2015, Chan's name was scored by Boeung Ket Angkor in the Cambodian League, scoring eight goals in one match. In fact, in the same year he managed to score 35 goals in the league and became the top scorer in all the local leagues of Southeast Asia.

Goal-shoot instincts make the 24-year-old a threat to the opponents. Chan, who has taken part in the national team of Cambodia since 2013, has scored 14 goals in 41 games.

2. Stefano Lilipaly (Indonesia)

The stunning appearance of Stefano Lilipaly in the 2018 Asian Games is one of the foundations of the name that will be revived in the 2018 AFF Cup.

Stefano Lilipaly is backing the Indonesian national team at the 2018 AFF Cup.Stefano Lilipaly is also the mainstay of the Indonesian national team at the 2018 AFF Cup. (AFP PHOTO / HOANG DINH NAM)

Lilipaly was a respected figure when she succeeded in appointing four goals and four assists as proof of her claim on the national team of Indonesia. In front of the Garuda team, the deadly duet with Alberto Goncalves will be one of the main forces.

3. Safawi Rasid (Malaysia)

Safawi Rasid was a rising young player in Malaysia. Rasid played nine times at the age of 21 and scored three goals for the Malaysian national team.

2018 AFF Cup 6 Star Candidate Safawi Rasid (left) Glowing Malaysian young actress. (MOHD RASFAN / AFP)

Rasid's advantage, especially in the execution of dead balls, expresses the creativity of attacking. The presence of Rasid is a dangerous threat to the defense teams in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos in Group A.

4. Storage of Puangchan (Thailand)

The AFF 2018 Cup will be at the top of the list after the Thai national team midfielder Thaga Puangchan has suffered an injury in the previous two editions. 25-year-old player, Team Gajah War with five goals in 18 games collected.

2018 AFF Cup 6 Star Candidate Storage Puangchan strengthened the 2018 AFF Cup in Thailand by removing two previous pressures due to disability. (Jewel SAMAD / AFP)

During a series of seasons, Puangchan was a football star in Thailand. The 2018 AFF Cup will be one of the places that will prove this for the people of Thailand.

Previously, Puangchan won the Thai National Team under the age of 19 in the 2011 U-19 Asian Cup in the 2011 AFF U-19 Cup. The Bangkok Cam player recorded his first two goals in Lebanon against Thailand's senior national team in the 2015 Asian Cup qualifier and Thailand won gold in the 2015 SEA Games.

5. Nguyen Quang Hai (Vietnam)

Nguyen Quang Hai's age is still 20 years old when he first appeared in the AFF Cup in 2018. However, it is called a potential buyer with the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Asian Football Federation.

2018 AFF Cup 6 Star Candidate Nguyen Quang Hai was a potential young player for the Vietnam national team in the 2018 AFF Cup. (Martin BUREAU / AFP)

Quang Hai made the first 16 months of the national team of Vietnam in international matches. It is said that the fascinating talent exhibited by Quang Hai in the Vietnam League has expanded the hearts of many clubs in Asia.

The 2018 AFF Cup will be a proof stage for Quang Hai, which is one of those targets, four times in the Vietnamese national team.

6. Manny Ott (Philippines)

The Philippines remains one of the strongest teams in the AFF 2018 Cup, being one of the sources of Azkals' strength, the presence of the brothers of Mike and Manuel Ott.

Manny Ott, occupying his position in the midfield, is quite classy when he reaches the ball to the edge of the field. Ott, now 26, is said to have the ability to determine the pace of the game.

A series of Ott experience with the Philippine national team is another advantage. In total, mixed-blooded German and Filipino players played 43 games and scored four goals for Azkals. (TTF / bac)

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