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Video: Priyanka Chopra's brother-in-law Sophie Turner gives a piggyback ride


Here are interesting photos and videos of Priyanka Chopra's bachelorette trip in Amsterdam.

Video: Priyanka Chopra's brother-in-law Sophie Turner gives a piggyback ride

Sister with beech Sophie Turner Priyanka Chopra. Picture Courtesy: Instagram / Fan club of Priyanka Chopra.

To be a bride, Priyanka Chopra painted the city red with photos of her bachelor party! The photos taken by the girl team from her trip to Amsterdam will help you pick up your bags and turn you into a natural country. Priyanka, her supporters Natasha Pal, Chanchal D 'Souza and Dana Supnick-Guidoni and sister Tamanna Dutt and Srishti Bahl Arya, her father-in-law Sophie Turner.

Priyanka and his team spies the pleasure of twirling and enjoying his bachelorette party. The Desi girl took to the story of Instagram in the Sunday Night, where he starred in the Game of Thrones Star. High heeled boots not to miss! Sophie smiles for her clinging to the neck of Priyanka. Priyanka looking at the camera bak Heels! This is what you have to do for sisters these days. Bu

Social media is full of photos and videos taken by the bachelorette party of Priyanka Chopra.

Recently bridal shower Tiffany in New York. Speaking of Priyanka and Nick's relationships, they admire everyone for their love and admiration for each other. Visiting Jodhpur last month, the couple have speculated that they have discovered a place for their wedding. Although there are several theories for his visits, it was confirmed that Priyanka and Nick took refuge in Umedh Bhavan in Jodhpur.

Priyanka and Nick, who talked about 2018, the year of love, commissioned officers with a special Roka ceremony in Mumbai in August. The couple met in Met Gala in 2017 and were stronger than ever. The couple had been on the trip since then. Pictures from New York, Mexico, Los Angeles, Oklahoma to Texas, dominate the internet to a great extent.

About Priyanka and Nick's love story:

Nick and Priyanka got hooked up from a friend. After the first entry, the two pointed at each other, but did not actually meet until six months later.

In May 2017, they joined Met Gala together. Jonas said the two were "having a very good time," while at the same time insisting that they were just friends.

Nick told us about our lives in "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon.

Just a few weeks later, the couple spent a lot of quality time together and began to spark the rumors of romance. As people around her started questioning what she was cooking, Nick suggested that their relationship was merely platonic.

"People thought we were enthusiastic, and we were (and) aiming at the moment," he said.

Nick said he decided to try a romantic relationship until about five months ago.

”It was an instant, and I think we knew it was right, and it jumped inside,“ he said. "And we're so happy"

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