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TMC, Congressional statements claim Kovind is fake, eating crow | India News

NEW DELHI” Trinamool Congress and Congressional Twitter sleeves sparked controversy Monday, claiming that a portrait of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was opened by the President. Ram Nath Kovind In Rashtrapati, Bhavan is actually the movie of actor Prosenjit Chatterjee, who played the freedom icon in a movie, but to take a step back after the government released the original photo provided by Netaji’s family.
“After donating Rs 5 lakh to the temple of Ram, he honored President Netaji by opening a portrait of the actor Prosenjit who portrayed it in the biography. God bless India (because this government absolutely cannot do it), ”said Trinamool MP Mohua Moitra, who later retracted his tweet.
Kovind made a personal donation to the Ram temple foundation. His tweet triggered a social media conversation at a time when the BJP was making a decisive game to relate itself to Netaji’s legacy. Chatterjee, who played the lead role in ‘Gumnaami’, later congratulated the painter Paresh Maity for the painting.

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This was a preventable argument. But he has an important lesson. There is a need for reflection before posting anything on social media. His enthusiasm for earning cake points relative to political opponents is understandable. But it should never be at the expense of facts.

The Bengal Congress tweeted: “Has the portrait of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose or actor Prosenjit Chatterjee, who played the role of Netaji on screen, been disclosed by the President of India? This is why education is important. “The false claim backfired as Moitra survived the tweet and the other handles went silent.
Maity said she was honored to paint it. “Netaji has inspired me since my childhood. I referred to a photograph while making this portrait. Finally, an artist’s impression of the great leader, ”he said.
Srijit Mukherji, director of ‘Gumnaami, said, “I uploaded the actual photo based on the painting in Rashtrapati Bhavan by Maity. This was one of the photos we used to look at while doing “Gumnaami”. “” Any resemblance to Prosenjit Chatterjee is a nod to the skills of make-up artist Somnath Kundu. Since I uploaded the original picture … I see no reason for any discussion in this. ” I would like to congratulate on the wonderful artwork to commemorate u. As an actor, I’m very happy that people think the picture looks like my character from Gumnaami. ”
While several prominent Twitterati confirmed the “unconfirmed” claims about the portrait, government sources quickly put the subject out, revealing the original photograph on which the portrait was based. “So much so that the desperation of an extinct ecosystem will tend to troll the President’s office and try to contaminate the legacy of Netaji, our national icon”. Smriti Irani She tweeted sharing screenshots of several prominent people who mocked Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Although the Presidential Council did not comment on the debate, government sources stated that the portrait of an actor in place of Netaji in Rashtrapati Bhavan was “ridiculous”.
“There are multiple levels of scrutiny for such serious decisions involving senior officials, ministries, and even the family of the leader’s portrait deployed. “Under these circumstances, the suggestion of an ‘error’ is absurd,” the source said.
“Let me remind you that if Neo-Bengal experts fool themselves with the portrait of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose opened by the President, all of their misplaced activism will not happen,” said Amit Malviya, who is in charge of BJP’s social media. save Mamata banerjee. ”

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