Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Spain reports first dengue spread by sex

MADRID: The Spanish health authorities confirmed on Friday the case of a man who sexually spread dengue, a world for a virus that was thought to have been infected by mosquitoes until recently.
Ana Susana Jimenez, Madrid's public health department, dedi she said. Dengue infection was confirmed in September, and the doctors were surprised because he did not travel to a country where the disease is common, causing severe flu-like symptoms such as high fever and body aches.
“His partner gave him the same symptoms, but he had been lighter about 10 days ago and had previously visited Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Jim said Jimenez. Bir An analysis of his sperm was carried out and revealed that the virus circulating in Cuba is not only the subject, but the same virus. ”
In an email to the AFP, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Stockholm-based European Monitoring of Health and Diseases in Europe, said that this is our cinsel first sexually transmitted infection virüs.

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