Saturday , October 23 2021

Shivashish Mishra gave up, Romil Chaudhary new captain


Romil Chaudhary and Megha Dhade sit in the garden area after their roommates woke up. Romil says he's just fooling with Megha and not wanting to hurt her when he jokes with his winning label. Megha said that if Bigg Boss Marathi's pride label was a source of pride and tried to break his pride, he would take a step back. He then asks who he is supporting for the captain. It makes it clear that you don't support him.

Surbhi Rana in his bedroom, talking about captain support with Rohit Suchanti. He says Romil got Megha's support for the captain's post. He also tells him that he will support Shivashish Mishra in his role as captain for his dismay with Romil.

In the kitchen area, Megha and Romil are washing the dishes while Deepak Thakur says that he knows how many friends he earned at home today. Jasleen Matharu says he will support Shiv for the captain because he is a friend to Romil.

Somi Khan and Surbhi in the garden area are discussing who they will support. They have a light argument, and Somi leaves, telling him that when he is better, he will talk to Surbhi. When Somi comes out, Surbhi starts crying and says he wants to go home. Dipika Kakar and Megha came to help him. Surbhi walks saying he is fed up. After a while, Surbhi says that he should come to Somi and talk to him and take him away.

Somi and Surbhi are talking. Somi tells Surbhi that his struggle with Romil disturbs him (Somi). Surbhi tries to justify his actions and tells him why he deals with Romil. Now he says, it's a matter of self-esteem.

At 5:30 in the evening, the captain duty between Dipika, Shiv and Romil reads the rules of the TRP. Both competitors will have to run channels and entertain their roommates. First, there will be three rounds – First, there will be a chat show for both, there will be a dance in the second round, and the third is the Infotainment tour of why they will have to present their views. Better than your competitors. Karanvir Bohra, your mission will be sanchalak.

Shivashish speaks with Surbhi and asks him to come with him for the first round. Surbhi agrees. Later Romil comes and talks to him. Surbhi said that he had previously promised Shiv that he did not share the same equation as he used before. Romil attempts to persuade Surbhi to become his partner in the conversation, but he refuses.

Meanwhile, Shiv talks to Srishty Rode for his dance tour and Romil de talks with Jasleen. Romil talks with Srishty to come with him for the talk show.

The first round starts. His first room was his roommate, Shiv. Then they're all crossing the Romil's canal. The rest of your roommates start to fight and fight in the fight, the remote stops. Bigg Boss calls all his roommates in the garden area.

When Surbhi leaves, Romil sits with Srishty. Romil tells him that no matter what, he still loves her. Jasleen said she had even made a promise but broke it. Surbhi says breaking words is not his property. Bigg Boss removes the entire set-up of the captain and his housemates estimate that the mission has been canceled.

At 7:45 in the morning, their roommates are sitting in the living area. Bigg Boss announces the cancellation of the TRP mission of the captain stands. Bigg Patron also says that seeing the hard work of Shiv and Romil as captain is not canceled. Bigg Boss gives them a new mission to win captains.

Dipika reads the new rules of duty for the captain. Two chairs are held in the garden area for Shiv and Romil respectively. He has to sit on the chairs until they get up from the chair to the other. The rest of the roommates must ensure that the competitor, who does not want to see them as captain, is removed from the chair to torture. Karanvir is the sanchalach.

The task begins and her roommates are beginning to torture the contestants. A great oral saliva occurs between Sreesanth and Deepak. Sree supports Shiv as he tries to keep Deepak in the water. Megha, Dipika and Srishty also support Shiv. Deepak and Sree are fighting again. Deepak, Somi, Rohit and Surbhi support Romil. Bigg Boss warns his roommates to pay attention to the microphones, but Bigg's Boss prohibits him from using any liquids to torture the competitors.

Shiv smear with deepak talcum powder. Rohit pours the garbage can into him. Rohit and Deepak later bring Shiv to shed stalks of rice, rice and vegetables. Megha takes some rubbish and puts it in the Romil. Torture continues.

On the other hand, Deepak and Sree still have a great verbal saliva. Deepak comes to the kitchen to get eggs. Megha and Dipika say shrimp are not allowed because they are based on head counts. Deepak is determined not to let the kitchen crew take them, but he is determined to take eggs. Sree comes in and adds them to the kitchen.

Last but not least, Sree allows Deepak to use its eggs. Sree asks Deepak to use both competitors equally. Deepak told Megha that he had taken his eggs. Megha comes in and brings an umbrella for protection. In the meantime, Dipika makes a little halva and gives KV. KV sits in the garden area and eats it when Sree calms him down. It is unfair to eat halva for sanchalak while a task is in progress.

In about an hour, he has a say with Shiv, Dipika and Srishty and says he intends to stand by citing health reasons. Dipika and Srishty tell him that nothing is more important than his health. Sree in the bathroom area, cries in the toilet and wants Dipika and Sristhy to come out. In the end, Sree still cries when she shows up and says she's disappointed with Dipika and KV and that she supports all of this. Dipika says she supports Shiv with others and tries to justify herself.

In the garden area, Shiv is having trouble sitting in the chair for a long time. Megha, Jasleen and Srishty tell him that he has to give her up anyway, so she shouldn't get any worse for herself and get up from the chair. In the end, Shiv gives up and leaves the chair. Romil wins the captain.

Bigg Boss congratulates Romil on becoming a captain. Later, Sree and Shiv discuss the scopes that Deepak and others go to torture Shiv. Dipika joins them and three eat dinner. Sree, Jasleen says the drains this week have been gone for weeks.

Hour 3: Rohit, Somi, Deepak and Romil are discussing how the first captain was canceled. Jasleen is standing there and he can hear them. They trick them into ruining such tasks. Jasleen said that they didn't play Deepak during tasks because they said something about her and Megha. He says he doesn't. Rohit says Srishty still plays in the post, but what did Dipika do? The department is coming to an end.

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