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Shastri, yes? No, Virat Kohli says


Written by Sriram Veera.
| Mumbai |

Published on November 16, 2018 6:17:06

Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri are at a press conference prior to moving to Australia for a full-fledged tour starting with the T20-leg on Wednesday. PTI

Is Ravi Shastri a Vir yes man adam to Virat Kohli? That's why India is your coach? Does he bring anything to the table? What is his role? These are some of the questions that shade the pair because Shastri is the coach. Shastri has more or less pressure: it was easy to disperse. Its noisy personality explains its senior public. Not only siz the best team in 15 years ki, but the complete and unsupported support of the team. Specifically, does Kohli mirror a mirror?

One day before from India, he left for a very important tour of Australia, which could determine the future of team management, and asked Kohli about the Shastri question.

That's what Kohli said: zaman When I always say yes, it's the weirdest thing I've ever heard. I don't think everyone in the Indian cricket said no more than me. Because he is the only one I can talk to and get an honest opinion, and he will tell me something that doesn't need to be done. "


What about Shastri's contribution to the teams? Sitting next to him at Shastri, this was not ideal, but it was still interesting to hear the answer. Ini His contribution was to make people believe that they belonged to this level, because for all of me, 2014 and a lot of other players in Shikhar Dhawan's 2015, at a time when we were going through a difficult time, I would be able to do the best to get out of that shell. The most important factor, li Kohli warmed.

In 2014, Kohli made a horror tour of England, listed by James Anderson. For his slip cord he turned over and over again so that the technique unfolded as he struggled to handle the oscillation and movement. Older players such as Sanjay Manjrekar repelled Kohli: olmak Give Virat another Test daha just to make sure it doesn't belong here,; Manjrekar tweeted in January 2012. Not only was Manjrekar having gone, many of them catch the side of the best criticism of his tweet.

We don't know what mental space Kohli had at that time, but thanks to the appearance of things, it wasn't that good.
"I made more changes in listening to my game than others," Kohli said on Thursday. Some changes were successful. He said that Shastri was a movement that started when Kohli was standing outside of the break, helping him to resist swinging. He didn't move easily – so we didn't see many other Indian bats, but Kohli was confident in following the suggestion. Shastri's recommendation was that Kohli started off by taking off-stump guard to Anderson in England during the tour in a few months.

The technical traces of Shastri were also seen during the tour, with the exception of Kohli. Although Cheteshwar Pujara ranked himself the problem, Shastri had a stance when he came to the same suggestion. It was felt that it was too much crouching and caused problems in British conditions. Time and again, chatting with other batsmen and advising them about other changes.

But as Kohli himself did Thursday, he didn't know technically what to do.
Or A lot of people think we don't understand what needs to be done. And we need to tell someone exactly where the bat came from and where his head was, we'd lost enough of those things. This is about Ravi bhai's man management, which he did perfectly while he was on the team. "

People management

Man management – then it is the essence of the problem. The road that Kohli has seen, Shastri has been enormous. But the question is: Praise is coming, because Shastri is perceived as Kohli as a gel yes man Fakat. What can we expect honestly when the question is given to Kohli? Obviously he was going to say something about Shastri (if he really is a man) but the answer gives us a clue about the size of the two shares. It tells a story in its own right. Şey And man's management is the most important thing at the level we play, Koh Kohli said.

This is a problem that has been bothering the team for the last two years. Especially when the communication breaks down horribly with Anıl Kumble at the helm. The situation went so bad, Kohli deleted the welcome tweet, even after he left the coach – even after Kumble had left the post. This is an extreme act with any imagination and then of course invited Kumble to the wedding.

But it was clear that there was complete destruction in their relations in the past. Here Shastri stepped in and changed the equations with the captain.

This led to criticisms that Shastri had mollycoddling Kohli or at least abandoned his own hatred so that he would not leave a room alone to think for himself. This is a field that only two people will know, but Kohli's criticism.

Or Everyone has ideas of something and they are completely free and have the right to voice their ideas, but we cannot stop life, do things that we think are organic, nothing is done, nothing is created or nothing fake. We all have a responsibility, and we do this to the best of our abilities, and the only reason is to drive the Indian cricket forward. And if anything else can be said about the progress of the team, I can say that it is a personal point of view because we all feel that we are moving in the right direction as a team. "

Most of this direction is determined by how the team remains in Australia. Apart from the separate performances, Kohli's team would be faced with the somewhat bizarre situation of the Australian team, who were almost forced to oppose his characters, almost characters, with all the elites that the team talked of almost exclusively honesty. banned by Steve Smith and David Warner. The question asked whether Kohli would try to take advantage of it.

Kohli was talking about being younger and muhtemelen immature laş, probably jumping in the feed. But not now after she becomes captain.

Şey I think this is a very personal thing for them. I don't know the reason behind that, so I can't comment. However, when I come to an argument that is discussed in the field or when people want to talk in an exciting way, to fight, I have completely abandoned playing in my field without playing too much and very happy. On a personal level, I don't have to find these things anymore. I have enough faith in my ability to play without a reason to pump on my own. These were very immature things I fed in the early days of my career, so I could pump and I didn't feel the pressure. Now there is no room for anything else as the captain of the team, but to think that the team always wants.

Unuz So you don't need these things at all. They won't give it back like you said. We were the ones who gave back all the time. We never were. As long as it doesn't start, we have no problem focusing on our game and doing what we have to do. No need to go and look for anything. They want to play in a certain way, we will respond in a certain way. Cricket game goes like this. But in our own minds, we must keep it competitive and not let our energies fall. "

This is not only for cricket in this area, but for everything else, one of the promising series: Australians will really cut down the sled, how the Indians will react, Cricket Australians will be forced to recall Smith and Warner. First of all, the relationship between Kohli and Shastri will be revealed and the Indians will find a way to cross this line.

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